A Winning Buyer Presentation

Qualified buyers are difficult to find today and when one is in front of you it becomes essential to maximize every second with them… either selling them a property or making them a client.

New agent Jeff Rogers uses his camera and some old-fashioned leg-work to put together a winning buyer presentation that bonds clients to him and closes deals. Could you use something similar in your practice?

Here’s Jeff’s description…

“Hi, I’m Jeff Rogers a new real estate agent. A customer had came into the office and asked about lake property. She stated that she really wanted to purchase a lot however did not have a lot of time to look. Would I just print her some MLS sheets and give them to her. I agreed and she said she would be back on Monday to pick them up.

The weekend was a blur to me. I drove to every one of the lake properties that were the best deals and even the ones that weren’t. I took photos, digital video and notes. I even called the agent listing the property. I went back to my office and put together a presentation package through slide show and video.

I placed all the paper work in a nice folder made just for her. When she came on Monday, I asked her how much time she had that morning. She said only about 20 minutes. I asked her to wait in the conference room and got her something to drink. In less than 15 minutes. I showed her all the property that she couldn’t see right there on a 52 ” LCD TV as if she were right there. She was my client for life from then on. She said no one had ever gone to such great lengths before. I really would put that camera to good use.”

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