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Last Updated on April 7, 2017

Do you think today’s real estate market is easy or tough? Well, for David Borden, the market’s a lot easier than for most agents. Why? Because David is a master at positioning himself as a “real estate expert”. And he generates a steady flow of business into his practice by conducting simple community seminars. Not long ago, David submitted an ad he uses that filled his seminar in just over 4 days – not bad in a tough market. But this ad has many more applications than just real estate seminars. Notice how David effectively uses: 1) a “call-out” headline, 2) curiosity-provoking teaser copy – to stimulate interest, 3) credibility by calling himself a nationally-recognized educator, 4) a specific, personalized call to action. Notice also that he removes some skepticism by indicating “no real estate agents.” Now I know why David’s ad works so well. See below for his ad…

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Craig Forte
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