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Last Updated on April 7, 2017

Closing is the perfect time to give a gift that sets the tone for the post-transaction relationship.

Here’s a great example of a closing gift that continues to provide service to a buyer after closing. Agent Dave Dumas puts together a simple binder filled with business cards of services that the new home owner will most likely need. Buyers always need to call pool technicians, plumbers, even doctors or dentists in the local area.

Dave goes one step further and gives them all their transactions documents electronically.

Putting together a directory of service providers not only gives ongoing value to clients but can be a way for you to get sponsors for your marketing. Service For Life!® subscribers have a ready-to-use template to highlight service providers and a Sponsorship Kit that helps them work with sponsors to send out their mailings.

Here’s Dave’s description in his own words…

“Client Closing Gift: With my buyers after closing I present a 3 ring binder with business card pages containing the business cards of service professionals in the local area. I also have a couple empty pages so they can add additional business cards and keep it handy. I call it “Dave’s Referral Directory.” I also include a copy of all their transaction documents including their closing statement burned onto a CD. It is received very well by all even clients who have lived in the area for years.”

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