A Real Estate Office Sign that Can’t Be Missed

By Craig Forte, Founder - Posted on
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Last Updated on April 7, 2017

“When we bought new office space downtown we wanted to install the best company sign that our community had ever seen. Unfortunately, my home town does not allow the type of sign I had in mind… a large screen display that rotated through our listings, enticing both buyers and sellers to use our services. So instead, in our main street office window, we installed a 56 inch HDTV that will have the same desired effect. We run it with a simple photo program from an older computer that we were not even using before. Each of our best listing photos will appear onscreen with captions that could be addresses, prices, or “BUY ME”. Between photo displays, we can also intersperse messages such as “Needed: bi-lingual agents” or “We need houses to sell” or “Needed: irrigated farm ground to sell.” We can also feature new agents, top agents, or agents of the month throughout the rotation of photos and messages. We expect our move to a better location to double our volume of both business and agents. We expect the main street HDTV marketing to help!”

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