A New Hook on Successful Prospecting

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Last Updated on April 7, 2017

Newsletters (like Service For Life!®) are important tools to help you get and keep great clients. Tricia tells us about her strategy to help improve readership…while getting a nice workout! “If you’re like me, and you have chosen to farm your neighborhood with a newsletter, then this may be of some help. I decided to hand deliver my newsletter to the people I don’t know personally, thinking that the exercise would be a good thing and I would get a bit more familiar with my area. “The first time I went out was around 9:00 in the morning and I dropped the newsletter off on the front step of everyone’s home. By the end of delivering 300 newsletters I was beat! The second month I felt some reluctance to get out there to distribute the newsletter because it took so much out of me (many of the homes have steps to the door). “This day I got up super early and noticed that many people had not picked up their newspapers yet. So I laid my newsletter right on top of the paper! As a result I got twice as many passed out, got a good steady aerobic workout without over doing, it and I’m ready to go out and do it again!”

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