5 Steps for Beating a Sales Slump and Getting Back on Top

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Last Updated on April 7, 2017

STEP #1: Re-examine and reset your goals, and get clear on what you want to achieve and when you want to achieve it – and review your goals and progress daily. This discipline alone will help you stay focused and motivated… STEP #2: Outline the exact and most direct activities required to meet your goals – make a plan of action using those activities. You’re looking for results, so everything is on the table. Review any courses you’ve bought or seminars you’ve attended for great marketing or prospecting ideas, and make them part of your plan… STEP #3: Eliminate everything and everyone that does not directly apply to achieving your goals – this means get rid of wastes of time, people or activities. In other words, get focused and remove distractions from your life… STEP #4: Go back to the fundamentals you used when you were successful and start using them (again!). Often times, when we achieve success because of a hot market or other dynamic, we get lax on the disciplines that made us successful. So review how and why you were successful and start doing those things again. If you’re a new agent or struggling, closely examine top agents in your office or area and learn the disciplines they use running their business. Success leaves clues! If you’d like to learn a brilliant step-by-step system used by our top agents (and it’s FREE!), download The Ultimate Real Estate Success Secret located on the right sidebar of this issue and READ it. Don’t let it sit on your shelf (or computer) gathering dust. STEP #5: Above and beyond anything else, TAKE ACTION. Doing anything toward to your goals is better than doing nothing. Small victories will build into big ones, and your confidence will grow. So write a prospecting ad. Write a sales letter. Call 25 friends or acquaintances about some hot listings you (or your office) has. Walk a neighborhood. The more action you take, statistically speaking, the greater your odds of getting business. So follow Nike’s advice: Just do it!

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