4 Home Staging Tips To Attract Buyers

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Last Updated on April 7, 2017

“What are some of the things buyers look for in a new home?  Many times they look for things they don’t have in their current home, like a ‘showcase’ bedroom.  What is a showcase bedroom?  It’s a bedroom that looks like it came right out of a major magazine.  More than that, it’s a room where buyers can imagine themselves living in the home.  Here are four tips for creating a showcase bedroom:
1. The furniture needs to be clean.  Furniture should pass the ‘white glove’ test, and mirrors and windows should be spot free. 2. The bed linens should be fresh and luxurious to the eye.  Maybe just a new duvet cover with matching pillow shams propped up will do the trick.  You can also add some contrast with a smaller pillow in the center. 3. The color choices should be neutral and should match.  Try to match the bedding colors with something else in the room like the paint trim or a small rug on the floor. 4. Remove any exercise equipment and de-clutter the closets.  People often move because they want MORE space.  In general, you can remove anything that does not need to be in the master bedroom.  Where do you put all the items you took from the closet?  Try using plastic storage containers that will slide under the bed and out of site.  If there is left over space in your closets they will think that all their clothes and other items will fit!
The bedroom is a personal space for the buyer.  Creating a great bedroom isn’t just about the furniture, but it’s about turning an ordinary bedroom into a place that will comfort a buyer to escape from the rest of the world.  So spend a little time and energy to really look at the bedroom from a buyer’s eye and your house will sell faster.”

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