3 Tips For Finding A Dream Home Fast

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Last Updated on April 7, 2017

“Buying a home is a very important decision in your life. Buyers consider financing, the location, the homes value, and what their criteria might be. However, it is during this buying phase that many people make the most common mistakes that not only leads to buyer’s remorse but can easily be avoided.

  1. A longer search doesn’t always work. Many buyers start the home buying process with the belief it is going to take a long time, but this may not be the case. Sometimes buyers find their “dream home” within the first few weeks of searching (some even sooner!) but they will pass on this home and continue to look. The reason for this is because many people often think that the more time and effort they spend finding a home, the more perfect this home will be.
  2. Trust the knowledge of a Buyer Broker. Although purchasing a home is a major investment in the buyer’s life, the buyer if properly assisted by a Buyer Broker should trust their agent’s advice. Buyer Brokers know what other properties are available and passing up on a perfectly great home because it seemed “too easy” can be a bad decision.
  3. Don’t be hung up on a small price difference. Even though it is a large financial investment, buyers should not hold out on price if they have found their “dream home.” Buyers often think that they are spending too much money. However, if you really do the proper research, they may find that the home is the right price. Backing out of a deal because of a small price difference can be a big mistake.

Remember, when looking for your “dream home,” make sure to really investigate the surrounding location. Check out the area at night, the weekends, and even during rush hour. This way you know the home and the location is exactly what you were looking for.”

Craig Forte
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