“10-10-20”— Get 2 to 4 Deals from ONE Open House

Submitted by John Garcia, REALTOR® (Thanks John!)

Sometimes the most powerful marketing ideas are also the simplest. And we all know that, on average, when a home goes up for sale in a particular area, another home will go on the market within 60 days.

Today John Garcia shares a brilliant strategy for “leveraging” off your listings to capture more listings and buyers.

The idea is so simple any agent could do it. And it works like gangbusters because it gives you a “reason why” to be contacting neighbors of your listings ≬ a very disarming approach that gets people listening to you, rather than casting you off as just another nuisance.

Here’s John’s idea…

“We have a program called 10-10-20 that our agents use successfully. When doing an open house the agent prepares copies of a flyer or post card for the property to be held open. The day before the open house the agent walks the neighborhood and distributes copies to 10 neighbors on each side of the house to be held open and 20 neighbors across the street. Agents are encouraged to knock doors and talk to each neighbor with an invitation to the open house.

“One of my agents had this to say on her first attempt to use this program:

“‘I want to share with you the success I’ve had with the distribution of flyer when I do an open house. On my first listing, I distributed 40 flyers in the neighborhood. I picked up a buyer for my listing and was able to double end the deal. SWEET! Additionally, I picked up another buyer, which I’m currently working on right now and hope to have a deal closed within the next 30 days and I also picked up another potential listing for the near future. That’s not where it ends either. The current buyer I’m working with referred me to two more buyers, which I will contact soon. WHAT YOU HAVE BEEN SAYING WORKS! Thank you for sharing ideas that are simple to put in place and most importantly they work.’”

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