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Breakthrough Ideas for Greater Real Estate Success!

Thanks for sending this to me! Short with a few good tips and easy to read and maneuver. Thanks!   --JoAnn Horner, Realtor®, ASPM

A Simple, $100,000 Commission-Boosting Listing Strategy

There's a concept I've used for years when helping REALTORS® that…in and of itself…can multiply your production almost instantly and with minimum effort. I call the concept: Finding the "Points Of Leverage™" in your business.

What are Points of Leverage™?

Points of Leverage™ are actually areas (or assets) of your practice that are either undiscovered or being completely under-exploited - or both. They're areas of opportunity where one little change, tweak or modification can bring about a huge increase in your production.

I've never seen a real estate practice (or any business for that matter) that didn't have many Points of Leverage™ from which to create enormous growth. And the bigger your practice, the more points of leverage seem to avail themselves.

Problem is, like any business owner, you're frequently "too close to the forest to see the trees." So the areas where you can multiply your production just go unnoticed…until someone (from the outside) churns things up a bit.

Well, today I want to introduce to you a "Point Of Leverage™" that has produced over $6-figures for agents who employ it. It was submitted by agent Jodi Bakst of North Carolina. I've taken Jodi's idea she emailed over to me (to share with you) and enhanced it slightly so you can easily implement it into your business starting tomorrow morning.

A Great “Community Exposure” Idea…

Soccer moms, football dads, baseball families, swim team parents:

Miniaturize your child's game schedule on the back of your business card; laminate them and give them to the coaches to distribute 3 to each team member - 2 for the parents, (one for student) and make extras for anyone else - grandparents, etc.

Make the home events red and the away events blue. These cards are kept in wallets all season and are reviewed at least weekly. This is a minimal investment and pays off in community service and exposure.

Editorial Comment: Consider creating cards like this for the entire league! And don't forget to include and offer on your card (like a free consumer report or list of homes for sale) and your web site address.

Help Us Become the Most Valuable Network on Earth For Real Estate Professionals:

Real estate can be a tough business. Even top agents need a continuous flow of guidance, support and new ideas to keep going strong. When you share your tips, strategies and ideas for growing a more successful business, everyone wins! And if you submit an idea, you automatically become eligible to WIN a BRAND NEW iPod Nano. So don’t be shy: Tell us what you do to build and run your business successfully.

A Million-Dollar Referral Generation Strategy…

Here's a great idea to consider when completing either a listing agreement, or an exclusive representation buyer's agreement. Here's how Lamar describes it…

'Whether you are representing the buyer or seller, you will complete exclusive representation which will allow you to add the following in the remarks section:

"Seller or Buyer will provide agent 3 listings or buyers within 1 year." You use 1 year since it is non-threatening, however, they will provide you contacts within 2 weeks.

It is also a clever way to re-contact and reconfirm. This is a million dollar idea.

Laughs: “At least you didn’t have a MONKEY land on your head!”

"I once took a listing on a mobile home where the owner had a pet monkey.

Now, this wasn't just any monkey, it was an organ grinders monkey and the man treated it like a child. The monkey had its own bedroom with a crib and a closet full of clothes. The walls of the home had floor to ceiling pictures of the monkey taken at Walmart studios.

When I was previewing the home at a brokers open with my office, the monkey lept off the man's shoulder and LANDED ON MY HEAD. I was a complete professional though, I didn't lose my cool or scream or anything. The man took back the monkey and I finished my open house.

My office likes to tell the story to new agents complaining about their listings. They tell them "at least you didn't have a monkey land on your head!"

Lifestyle: Are Headaches Destroying Your Productivity?

Do you suffer from frequent or occasional headaches? More than 32% of people report getting a headache at least once a week. The debilitating pain from a headache can ruin an otherwise productive day - costing you money. New research shows you may be able to avoid headaches just by changing a few things in your diet…

The worst culprit is caffeine. Eliminating caffeine from your diet can be tricky, because if you're been drinking coffee or tea for a while, you may go through a series of "withdrawal" headaches for days after quitting. The best advice: Eliminate caffeine SLOWLY from your diet. If you drink 2 cups a day, try going to 1/2 cup twice a day for 2 days…then 1/4 cup twice a day for 2 days…then 1/4 cup once a day for 2 days…then try quitting altogether. Replace your old caffeinated drinks with decaf coffee, tea and soft drinks, and you could see your headaches dwindle or disappear altogether.

Another culprit may be high fat foods. Scientists have found that high fat foods (fast foods and high fat dairy) increase the frequency of headaches. Limit your fat intake to 20% of your calories. Avoid any foods that contain hydrogenated oils (usually found in margarine, snack foods, and many bakery foods).

You might also consider avoiding wine, aged cheeses, and deli meats. These are high in tyramine, which can cause vascular spasms. And lastly, stay away from foods with additives like MSG (monosodium glutamate), nitrates and nitrites, which dilate blood vessels and can trigger migraine headaches.

* Interesting Stat of the Day *

According to the NAR, 81% of Internet shoppers used an agent, vs. just 63% of non-Internet shoppers.

--National Association of Realtors®, 2005 Profile of Home Buyers & Sellers

Another Successful FSBO Technique…

I got this idea after reading Linda Fogarty's FSBO technique (click here to see Linda's idea from last issue). When I see a FSBO pop up, I call and tell them I have a client (usually my mom or a friend) that would like to see the house but is not comfortable viewing properties w/out their agent.

They always schedule an appt. and allow me to 'tag along' too. I let my 'client' ask questions and remain pretty quiet, only handing them my business card upon arrival. Usually they start asking me questions. One time, she did not ask me anything but called me a week later. After initial contact, I have done what Linda does: just follow up with them with little bits of information, friendly emails or phone calls.

Since reading Linda's idea, I have listed three homes, one of which is in escrow now. It's kind of a spin off of Linda's and I would not have tried it if it weren't for Linda sharing her idea. It really does work!

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