After a Buyer Closing, Use This System to Get Neighbors’ Listings

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When you get a listing, it can be the start of the momentum needed to get more listings. Your promotions will work together to keep the business flowing toward you.

When you start to systemize several marketing promotions when you get listings, and others when you get buyers (through checklists you use to manage those events),  you’ll start to see a huge client-generating momentum start to develop.  This is very, very important for you to understand.


The purpose of your listing promotions are to attract Buyers

The purpose of your buyer promotions are to attract Listings


Now, this system is where your Buyers will help you attract more listings…

How does it do this?  Well, think about the last home you sold to a buyer.  Chances are, you know the market area because you had to analyze it for your buyers.  And you have experience in the area because you’ve sold a home there.  Doesn’t this present a great opportunity to market yourself to potential Listings?

  • Draft a letter or postcard to send to your buyers’ new neighbors.
  • Introduce the buyers to the community, and talk about how you helped them find the home they wanted.
  • Use an attention-getting headline.
  • Tell an interesting story about the people involved (after getting permission of course).
  • Set up a problem that you solved for the buyers.
  • Let the reader know what you can do for them.
  • Make a specific call to action.

I’ve seen agents around the country use this inexpensive “Just Sold” system.  And to help you understand it better, I’ve presented an “Anatomy Of..” Just Sold Post Card (click below).


Now, the next time you close a buyer, you MUST implement the Just Sold Postcard system into your closing checklist.  And don’t forget, because this system is so inexpensive to use, you can do a “multi-sequence” farming and still make huge profits.

Are you starting to see the momentum you’re building through Compound Prospecting?

The strategy above is called the New Neighbor Announcement™ System
and it will bring listings from neighbors of recent buyers you’ve worked with.

Action Steps

  • Get the addresses of neighbors after your buyers close in a certain area
  • Send a personal letter or postcard announcing the new neighbors to the neighborhood
  • Follow up with leads

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Alex Camelio
As the CEO of Agent Inner Circle, Alex Camelio focuses on the development and growth of the community. Prior to selling his company to Lone Wolf Real Estate Technologies, Alex was the Co-Founder and President at Barcode Realty. Within the real estate community, he has been recognized internationally as an expert in technology, marketing, and entrepreneurship and has presented for various national organizations.
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4 thoughts on “After a Buyer Closing, Use This System to Get Neighbors’ Listings”

    1. Hi George-

      You can modify the wording of course, if you’ve recently sold a neighbor’s home in an area. You might also want to talk to the new neighbors, and see if they’re ok with you sharing their story since you were involved in the transaction. Then, just move into a story about helping the people who have moved away, and their fast/easy transaction. If you don’t share the NEW neighbors’ story, focus on a headline about the sellers’ story. It’s not so much the angle you tell the story from – as long as you keep the elements from the ‘anatomy’ image in this article.

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