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A Stand-Out Listing Presentation (Part 2 of 3)
By Alanna Mejia, Content Director - Posted on
Listing Presentation for Realtors
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Step Two So, you sent your pre-listing package to your prospective client already, right? (Here’s more about that) And now you’re ready to meet with the client and SHOW, not tell, why you’re the real estate agent with the stand-out skills they want from an agent in their corner. How do you set yourself apart? Do some research Before you meet with your potential buyer …
A Million-Dollar Referral Generation Strategy…
By Craig Forte, Founder - Posted on
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Submitted by Lamar Sheets REALTOR® (Thanks Lamar!) Here’s a great idea to consider when completing either a listing agreement, or an exclusive representation buyer’s agreement. Here’s how Lamar describes it… ‘Whether you are representing the buyer or seller, you will complete exclusive representation which will allow you to add the following in the remarks section: “Seller or Buyer will provide agent 3 listings or buyers …