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Make Money From Your Power List (Part 2 of 2)
By Alex Camelio, CEO - Posted on
Make Money From Your Power List/ Inner Circle Marketing System
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This week, we’re continuing with the second 2 of 4 Marketing Systems you can put in place to consistently follow up with your Power List and generate more repeat and referral business. Put these 4 Systems in place, work them consistently, and you’re going to see results. We promise! Plus, we’re including a BONUS 5th Marketing System at the very end that has had the …
9 Ways to Boost the Value of Your Next Client Appreciation Event
By Terri Murphy, - Posted on
9 Ways to Boost the Value of Your Client Appreciation Events
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The Importance of Client Appreciation Have you ever made a purchase from a company and then received a note thanking you for your business? If so, I’ll bet it caught you by surprise and impressed you, especially if it was truly sincere and not tied to a gimmick or upsell. Just like you, your customers and past clients enjoy the gift of appreciation. Now’s the …