How To Create A Facebook Fan Page To Get Red-Hot Buyer Leads

Most real estate professionals have a personal Facebook profile, but few understand how to use this social networking site to generate red-hot buyer leads on demand.

Facebook started as a site for college students and teenagers, but now has over 500 million users of all ages and backgrounds… and the fastest growing segment of users is the 35+ age group.

This means you can now instantly connect with people who live in your area (or people who want to move there) who are ready to buy, sell, or invest soon.

In this way, Facebook is a great source for free leads… but only if you have an easy system to identify the prospects in your local area without wasting a lot of time or bombarding your personal contacts.

Here’s how to get free leads without spending hours of your precious time online:


Download this FREE report and get click-by-click SCREENSHOTS of how to set up a Facebook fan page and generate leads in the next 30-minutes…

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Watch this video that explains more about this system:


Video Note 1: This video talks about a March deadline.
Don’t worry about that — the latest report has the current
method for using fan pages that replaces the FBML app.

Video Note 2: If you’ve already read the free report, skip to
minute 4:30 to get answers to common questions.


Read this real estate marketing article about the 4 Ways To Turn Facebook Fans Into Clients.

Do not overlook the client-conversion process. It’s what separates those who just play with social media from those who is it as a powerful business tool. There are 4 specific ways to reach out to your Facebook contacts and have them call you for help.

Bottom Line: I’ve been hearing from agents that this report and the client-getting system it contains is more valuable than what many sell for $97 or more. It’s yours FREE for being a valued member of our community.

You can thank us… OR… you can pay-it-forward and tell your Realtor friends about our online agent community so we have even more profit-multiplying strategies to share!

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3 responses to “How To Create A Facebook Fan Page To Get Red-Hot Buyer Leads”

  1. Judy Avatar

    Looks good, looks like fun. Looking forward to the adventure.

  2. Winston Crosbie Avatar

    I love the overview; I am looking forward to setting this up and reaping the benefits. Thanks!

  3. Gloria Lloyd Avatar
    Gloria Lloyd

    I think this may actually work if I work it. I am going to try it and get back to you with the results.
    Thanks a billion!!

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