How Top Agent Dennis Tarrant Generates 100 to 200 Quality Buyer Leads Every Single Month

Last Updated on April 10, 2020

Special Interview with Dennis Tarrant, REALTOR® and Gary Elwood, President of Proquest Technologies

If you’re interested in learning “what’s working now” to generate RIGHT NOW business, check out this audio interview with Top Agent Dennis Tarrant.

Dennis is building a booming production when are other agents are struggling in today’s economy.  He’s relatively new to real estate (starting just over four years ago), but has over 20 years of seasoned entrepreneurial experience. On this interview he’ll share exactly what he’s doing to generate leads and get signed contracts.

Here’s just a sample of what you’ll learn on this 1-hour audio call:

  • How to generate 100 to 200 quality buyer leads every single month (investing only $100-$200 per month in marketing)…
  • The best scripts to use to follow-up and close leads (while being super helpful to people)…
  • How to demonstrate your systems for generating and closing leads to win every listing presentation…
  • And much, much more…

PLUS: Check out his resources and templates below the audio call.  These are powerful tools you can use in your local real estate market.

1.  Listen to the call…

Dennis Tarrant

Simply turn up your computer speakers and click the link below to listen online…

Or, to download the audio call, simply “right click” the button and choose “Save Link As” or “Save Target As” to save the mp3 file to your computer…

2.  Learn About The Tools And Systems Dennis Uses…

Information about the IVR lead generation Dennis uses (Proquest Technologies)…


Information about the Personal Marketing System Dennis uses (Service For Life!®)…


3. Important Templates And Resources From The Call…

Dennis Tarrant’s Newsletter Insert Template

To get access to the PDF insert template Dennis discussed on the call, click the link below…

Dennis Tarrant’s Sign Rider Template

How to Get 300% to 500% More Sign Calls That
Go Straight to You… Not a Receptionist!

What’s the key? Again, just like everything else in your marketing, make it easy and inviting for your prospect to call you. Recorded Info / 24 Hours is the perfect hook!

Most agents go from few, if any, sign calls to 3-5 sign calls per month, per listing. So an agent with 10 listings might go from 3-5 calls per month, total, to 30-50 calls per month by putting this simple message on a sign rider…

For Recorded Information –
24 Hours Toll-Free
1-800-XXX-XXXX ID# 2100

Sign riders are a very good lead source. They won’t produce as many calls as your homes magazines and other sources, but the calls you get will be high quality leads. You’ll get good quality drive-by callers and you’ll also get the neighbor who’s been thinking about selling. Plus, an added benefit of the rider is it makes your sellers happy. It’s a constant reminder that you are giving them 24-hour-a-day advertising.

There are several points to consider with sign riders. The first is visibility. One time I heard a top-producing agent say, “The most important thing about my riders is that they get noticed. I want everyone who drives by to see the 24-hour recorded information sign. That’s why I printed it on both sides of the rider and I mount it on top of my sign.”

To summarize the key points:

1. Have the recorded info message on both sides of your rider
2. Be sure to include the specific words “24-Hour” and “Free Recorded Info”
3. Mount the rider on TOP of your sign
4. Position your sign in the yard for maximum visibility

Example of a 6″ x 24″ inch rider:

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Dennis Tarrant’s Follow Up Script

“Once you get the lead, what do you say?”

OK! So a prospect calls your “RECORDED INFO” line and you’re sent the lead. Here’s where the rubber meets the road. If you open things up “the right way” prospects will love you. If you don’t…they won’t. It’s as simple as that!

So how do you open things up “the right way?” Well, here’s an unbelievably simple, yet POWERFUL follow-up script!

Dennis calls back and says:

“Hello this is Dennis Tarrant with XYZ Realty. A few minutes ago you called my recorded information line and listened to some information about the home on Elm Street that we’re advertising in the homes magazine.

I know you weren’t expecting me to call you back, but there’s a couple reasons I wanted to touch base with you. First, I wanted to thank you for calling about that particular home. I appreciate your interest. It’s such a beautiful home. But the second reason is I was hoping to tell you a little bit more about the home, because in the 30-45 second recording I couldn’t really tell you all that much about it – and it’s such a beautiful home!

Would it be OK if I told you a little bit more about it?”

He does four things with this approach that work in just about any setting. First, he identifies with them. Second, he appreciates them. Third, he demonstrates he wants to serve. Fourth, he is respectful and asks permission to continue. If they don’t want him to, he ends the conversation. If they want him to continue, he starts building rapport!

How well does this work?

Out of a hundred calls, he gets 99% of the callers to talk with him and begin a rapport building dialog!

That’s how simple and easy it can be to open up the lines of communication between you and your prospect.

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Dennis Tarrant’s Listing Presentation

How to Completely Dominate Your Competition,
Win the Listing 95% of the Time or More, and Do it
All With Ease…Even If You’re Competing with the
Top Agent in Your Market!

OK, you now know all about how to generate and close buyer leads, but how can you use those incredible systems to get more listings?

Well, read through the following listing presentation that Dennis uses…

“It was the heat of intense competition!”

The listing was the most appealing home in the area. Dennis was given twenty minutes with the homeowners and if he didn’t impress them, the listing was going to the largest company in his area. His competitor was a firm that did over $475 million in transactions the previous year. So Dennis was up against pretty stiff odds.

Describing the evening of his presentation Dennis explained…

“I had prepared for the presentation just like you told me to. I did a recording describing the home. I prepared an on-demand brochure. I had my cell phone…”

“I was ready!”

“When I arrived, I was quickly let in. The homeowners seemed in a hurry. They wanted to get going because they said they had plans later that evening. But I think they had already decided they were going to give the listing to the other company.  So I opened up with…

‘Folks I’ve set up this new system specifically for you and your home. It’s a system that gives you 24-hour-a-day advertising and it generates hundreds of sales leads! Here’s how it works. I advertise your home and offer prospects the opportunity to call for recorded information and brochures-on-demand anytime, 24 hours a day. Prospects dial in to hear a recorded description of your home and the best part is when they connect, I get their name, address, and phone number automatically – 100% of the time, whether they leave it or not! So I can follow up on every possible lead! Absolutely nothing slips through the cracks! Let me show you how it works! Grab the phone and dial this number.’

Bob, the husband, dialed my hotline number and entered the extension. As he began listening his eyes got bigger, he reached over and started to elbow his wife, and said, ‘honey, listen it’s our property!’ As they squeezed together my cell phone notification went off. I handed it to Bob and said, ‘Now here’s the best part.’

It was awesome because Bob was staring at his ‘unlisted’ phone number, the one he just dialed from fifteen seconds ago! Then I told him…

‘Whenever someone calls and listens to the advertisement describing your home, my system automatically notifies me in 15-20 seconds, with their phone number, name and address and the fact that they’ve inquired about your home. So I can call them back right away, while their interest is at a peak.’

Their heads started bobbing and
nodding like a doggie toy in the
back of a car window!

“Bob and his wife started to nod, scooted up to the edge of their seats, and really began tuning into everything I said. Then, as the recording finished, I said…

‘Here’s another great benefit. Press three and enter your fax number.’

He did. Ten seconds later the fax machine in Bob’s home office clicked on. It was so cool.

After the system sent my two-page brochure, Bob and his wife seemed to relax. They seemed to forget they were in a hurry and started to ask questions. We talked about my marketing plan and they could clearly see I had an advantage. Even though my competitor was huge, Bob and his wife understood the value of timing. They understood the importance of reaching the prospect while their interest was at a peak. Without this system for presentation my value, I don’t think I could have got Bob and his wife to slow down and listen.”

Isn’t this an awesome story? Dennis stopped them dead in their tracks! Without this powerful demonstration it’s likely they would have smiled and politely nodded for 15-20 minutes, then showed him the door! You’ve been there. You know that feeling! Instead he walked away with the nicest listing in the entire area! Now let’s take it a step further…

Their eyes get as big as pancakes
when you WOW them with this!

Dennis briefly explains to Bob and his wife…

“Most agents are available 40 hours a week. My business is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week!”

‘Now press zero.’

Seconds later, his cell phone rings. He answers and the sellers are talking to him from six feet away.”

Anyone, anytime, anywhere can call my recorded info line to get more details about your home and immediately reach me to set up a showing. My system works 24 hours a day, seven days a week to help me sell your home. Other agents give you 40 hours a week. That’s why I do a better job of selling homes than other agents. So who do you want to list with?”

Twenty minutes later he leaves with their listing.

Understand Dennis doesn’t work 24 hours a day. In fact, he shuts his cell phone off after 6:00 in the evening. He’s explaining how his system takes care of business 24 hours a day.

Now you fire your final cannon!  Here’s where
you pound your competitors into dust with…

As powerful as this presentation is…it’s not done yet! Now you show your sellers page after page after page of detailed call reports. Like Dennis explains…

“When I do this presentation to the letter, it’s enough to close the listing 95 percent of the time. But when I show them a stack of call reports with names, addresses, and phone numbers of hundreds of callers, they are in awe. If they’re the slightest bit skeptical during my presentation, now there’s no way they can dispute what I’m saying. I’ve just given them written proof that I’m generating 150-200 calls a month or more! Compared to the average agent who gets maybe 10.”

Now let me ask, do you think you could close a few more listings with this presentation? Does this seem like it would add impact and help swing a few more of those close ones?  You know which ones I’m talking about.  The ones you feel were almost ready to swing your way, but a week or so later you see a competitor’s sign in their yard!

This is your chance to add incredible power and impact to your presentation and win the listing 95% of the time or more!

“This is the best listing tool I’ve ever used. People are in awe when I go to a listing and they hear a recorded description of their home already done!  Then they get physically involved in the demonstration! I’m ten steps ahead of my competition!”
Beverly Frazier, RE/MAX Realty Select, Naples, FL

If these ideas make sense take a closer look…

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