So You Think Print Is Dead? (Real Estate Myths Debunked -Myth #3 of 3)
By Michael Krisa, Executive Editor - Posted on
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Shocking Truths That Will Change Your Mind! It’s no wonder that you may think that print is dead – since newspapers globally have suffered from declining readership, advertisers migrated en masse to social media and generation X and Y love being digitally connected vs. reading print. As a result, since 2001 in the USA, newspapers have laid off over a fifth of their journalists. Because …
Making Money with your Newsletter
By Neil Mathweg, - Posted on
Make Money With Your Newsletter
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We’ve talked about major mistakes agents are making with their newsletters (and how to fix them) recently here on Agent Inner Circle, and we’ve also talked about how to get a stellar testimonial to use in your business. Well, we’re following our own advice – and would like to welcome REALTOR, Broker, and Coach/Trainer Neil Mathweg as our guest author today. He’s a longtime user and …
Are we done yet? After-transaction follow-up for real estate agents (part 3 of 3)
By Alanna Mejia, Content Director - Posted on
Newsletter contact after-sale transaction tips for realtors from Agent Inner Circle
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You’re not quite done yet! After your awesome work getting out your pre-listing package, and impressed by your stellar listing presentation, your potential clients became your actual clients and you made the sale. Success! But wait, you’re not done…there’s still something left (hint: you have to stay in contact). I recently bought a house with the help of a very nice Realtor, who was communicative during the …