4 Ways To Turn Facebook Fans Into Clients

So how is that some are able to tap into this online social network to get bona-fide clients?

This is the number one question I get about using Facebook for real estate.  But usually it comes in this form:  “How do I find real clients on Facebook?”

Emphasis on “real” — real people working with you face-to-face in real life.

The steps to begin this process are quite simple and can be done in under an hour:

STEP 1: Create A Facebook “Fan Page” (based on a specific prospect)
STEP 2: Use A “Magnet” To Attract Leads (fans who “like” your page)
STEP 3: Follow-up With Leads (help them and invite them to contact you)

Problem is, somewhere between setting up the page and getting fans, an onslaught of other questions flood your mind around what to do with these fans.

  • “What to say to them?”,
  • “How often to message them?”,
  • “How to know if they want to work with me?”,
  • and on, and on…

Let’s start from the beginning — if you’ve set up a targeted Facebook Fan Page as this free report shows you how to do… you should have a group of targeted fans (leads!) who have expressed interest in a particular type of real estate property.

Assuming you’ve done that groundwork, there are 4 ways to start a dialogue with any buyer or seller “fan” of your Facebook page and convert them into a commission-producing client…

  1. Send all your fans an update at the same time
  2. Post a status update on your fan page
  3. Send a fan a private message to each fan individually
  4. Have your fans opt-in to your email list

Starting from the top, we’ll talk about the simplest way to message your fans…

Client Conversion Strategy #1:

FIRST, you can message your fans from within Facebook using the “update” feature.  This is like a mass email, except that it’s only an update in a person’s Facebook messages area (they will not receive a separate email like they would with a group).

“So, why not start a Facebook Group instead of a Fan page?”

Fan pages are better to get new leads because they allow you to reach people who are not yet your personal friends on Facebook.  Groups allow you to message only those people who are already your personal friends and who have joined your group.

With this in mind, here’s how you send an update to fans of your Facebook fan page:

□    Go to: “Edit Page” and click “Marketing”
□    Then click “Send an Update”
□    This will bring up a screen to type a message to your fans
□    TIP #1: Keep the update message short and include a link to your website/blog or to your Fan page
□    TIP #2: A great strategy is to sound like you’re talking directly to one person (even though you are messaging an entire group of people).

Here’s a good example update message if your Fan page is about foreclosure listings in your area:

I just found a property you might be interested in… Check it out by clicking this link:

[link to property information]

If you want to see this one, give me a call at 555.555.5555

Again, this feature allows you to send mass update to all your fans, but they will only see it if they check their “updates” – all but the most active fans could miss this.  Which is why you also use…

Client Conversion Strategy #2:

The SECOND way to reach out to your fans should be to post a status update on your fan page.  Your message will appear in each fan’s News Feed (which most Facebook users DO actively check).

Because it’s obvious you’re not sending a message directly to each person, here’s a good example status update message:

Hey everyone… I just found a great potential investment property… Check it out by clicking this link:

[link to property information]

If you want to see this one, give me a call at 555.555.5555

This is a strategy most agents try to use with their personal profile.  Where most fail is a lack of targeting – messaging every one of your personal contacts is not a good idea (most don’t care and some may find promoting your business annoying or offensive).

That’s why using a Facebook “Fan Page” to group your personal and new contacts into “niche markets” is so much more effective… you’re able to send targeted messages to those you know are interested because they became a fan of your property-specific page!  How else can you message fans?…

Client Conversion Strategy #3:

The THIRD way to message fans of your Facebook page is to send them a private message

□    Click on the “People Like This” link on your page (on the left side under the number of your fans)
□    Click on any fan’s name or their photo to go to their personal profile
□    Then click “Send Message” on the top right (even if they are not your personal connections yet you can send them a personal message)…

It’s up to you if you want to “collect” these leads as personal friends.  But realize your objective is target potential buyers, not waste time on Facebook!  And speaking of your valuable time…

You can have your assistant (if you have one) message contacts daily.  Use this message the first time for new fans:

Hey just wanted to say hi and thanks for being a fan of my page:  [[name of page]].

Is there anything I can help you with?

You can reach me directly at 555.555.5555, or send me an email at [email protected]

Client Conversion Strategy #4:

The FOURTH way to message your fans takes the most work but is the most powerful way to leverage Facebook to get leads.

There’s a way to get your fans to “opt-in” to your normal email list by putting a signup form on your page.  This would let you directly send messages into their email in-box through whatever email marketing provider you use.  You read that right — you want to get them “off” Facebook so you can send them direct emails where you have their full attention.

How do you do this?

By giving your fans something else of value (to them) as an incentive to join your email list.

Your fans already liked your page to get a free gift.  What’s the next thing that would help them?

Examples of additional lead magnets to get an opt-in:

  • a free home analysis (Maximum Home Value Audit™)
  • a free home search (Dream Home Finder Service™)
  • free workshop on the ins-and-outs of foreclosure investing…
  • Basically this should be a “step up” from your first lead magnet offer and should continue the client-conversion process.

But, how do you get people to a page where they can opt-in?

The BEST way to get new opt-ins is to simply have a hyperlink over to your website or blog.

This way you don’t have to mess with setting up an opt-in form inside Facebook.

This can even be presented directly after they “Like” your page for the first lead magnet.  Here’s an example if you have a page about Foreclosure listings in your area:

Thanks for liking my page!

I’ll be updating this page regularly with foreclosure listings.   If one of them catches your eye, let me know and I can do some groundwork and then help you see it in person.

ALSO… I have a 10-minute video on my website that explains in detail the 3 common mistakes investors make when buying foreclosures — and how to avoid them.

Click here to learn more

This can be a video you create or one you find on YouTube.

Think about what’s important to your “Fans” and continue to be a helpful resource for them by posting new information at least once a week (which would only take 5 minutes each time).

Now, go out and get some fans, leads, and new clients!

How do YOU get real clients from Facebook?

Email us to share it with the Agent Inner Circle® community. Or…

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  1. Adekunle A. Mafe Avatar

    This will be very helpful in reaching more potential clients using the social media resources

  2. Don Nesbit Avatar
    Don Nesbit

    Sounds interesting!! Can’t wait to get to my office an get started!! I can really appreciate the time Agent Inner Circle takes to discover new ways to help build our businesses.

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