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Overcome Buyer & Seller Frustrations with this ONE Simple Plan
By Alex Camelio, CEO - Posted on
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Buying and selling homes is an emotional process for people, and at times can be frustrating. Buyers get frustrated after putting in 12 offers above asking price with none accepted. On the flip side, Sellers get frustrated when their house sits on the market too long and they have to consider a reduction. As an agent, how do you minimize client frustrations? While we might …
How to Create a Millionaire Mentality – Free Book (download below)
By Craig Forte, Founder - Posted on
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Have you ever wondered why some people achieve stellar success, huge incomes and a life of freedom and control, while others seem to struggle endlessly through life? I believe that achieving true success involves having specialized and valuable knowledge or skills, a discipline for doing the “right things” for maximum results, and strong work habits. But I also believe it requires more. The unfaltering truth …