Ameeta Jain
Ameeta Jain is an entrepreneur dedicated to developing projects that help families and consumers save money, energy, and reduce our impact on the environment. As CoFounder of the HomeSelfe suite of products, Ameeta leads product strategy and partnerships that have made HomeSelfe and HomeSelfe RE leaders in their category. Ameeta is also member of the executive team at Energy Datametrics, a leading provider of energy efficiency software to some of the nation’s leading energy conservation programs. In addition to her prolific and influential work in the field of energy efficiency, Ameeta has over 20 years’ experience in finance, management, and operating roles at various companies, including Toyota/Lexus, where she administered the establishment of several of their financial operations throughout the U.S.; and TeenSafe, a company she co-founded, where she lead brand strategy and was chief spokesperson, instrumental in making it a leader in its industry.
5 Powerful Ways to Use Energy to Connect with Your Sphere & Win More Listings
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How To Use Energy Information To Get More Clients
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The real estate business is extraordinarily competitive. The bulk of a real estate agent’s business comes from referrals, yet 90% of homebuyers never use the same REALTOR® twice.  It’s critical that you stand out from the pack to win the listing. If you want to grow your reputation as a REALTOR® of choice in your community, you need to put yourself out there and build …