Anthony Lamacchia
Anthony is the Broker/Owner and CEO of Lamacchia Realty, Lamacchia Property Management and REAL Training and Systems Inc. He currently resides in Watertown, Massachusetts with his wife Nicole Lamacchia and their four children. Currently, Anthony spends his time running the companies, training agents, and strategically planning for the future. Given the size of the company, he spends more of his time working on Lamacchia Realty with his leadership team which is what it all started with and what feeds the other companies. He is completely obsessed and passionate about providing all the agents and employees in the company with top-notch technology, the best possible tools, and the absolute very best training to excel in their careers and grow their businesses.
Why Aren’t You Getting Those Buyers?
By Anthony Lamacchia, - Posted on
Why aren't you getting those real estate buyer sales?
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Have you found that you’re killing it with listings but not converting those buyer calls into buyer sales? Or, maybe you just want to expand your business by closing more buyer client deals. I found our agents at my brokerage Lamacchia Realty Inc., here in Waltham, MA weren’t converting all (let’s be honest- MOST) of the buyer calls into actual sales and clients. After sitting …