Prospecting Made Easy

Hey There…

My name is Lori Neighbors, and I’m a REALTOR® in Jacksonville, Florida. I run Assist2Sell Full Service Realty along with my Mom and Dad (don’t laugh, we’re called “The Three Neighbors”), and we’ve been in the business for the past 14 years.

I can’t believe I’m actually writing this message sitting in my office having just finished my prospecting for the month in under 20 minutes.

You heard that right. Every year I make well-over $100,000 from this ONE simple prospecting system and am finally living my “dream” in the worst real estate market in the U.S. – being able to work with great people without spending every waking hour worrying about money or how to get new business.

It wasn’t always this good. A few years ago I would’ve been the LAST person to send you a message like this.

When I got started in real estate I didn’t know anybody (or anything). I read somewhere that real estate is a “relationship” business, so I started to add people to my database and over 4 years I had 450 people or so who at least kinda knew I was in the business.

Then I made a really stupid mistake.

I bought some of those silly real estate letter templates you see in the back of magazines and started mailing to my group. It was a DISASTER – I mean like hurricane Ike all over again.

Month after month I kept losing money, until I finally WOKE-UP and discovered…

A Little-Known Marketing “SECRET”

After attending a marketing seminar a few years back I learned a secret technique for writing letters that gets a prospect’s attention and KEEPS it.

By the way, if you’re wondering why none of your marketing works, it’s probably because it looks just like all the other BORING, WORTHLESS JUNK every other agent sends out.

I mean, seriously, would YOU respond to that stuff??

So I did something different. I started writing letters with engaging stories, humor, and valuable information that people appreciate.

And guess what? It worked! BIG time.

My first year using these letters made me $122,446 in commissions (and that doesn’t count referrals and other sources of business).

People love my letters and I started getting calls all the time like, “Can you add my friend to the list because we love what you send?

(How many times do YOU hear THAT when you send out your mailings? If you’re like most agents, probably NEVER!)

OH, you also need to know my letters worked great farming and I even send them by EMAIL spending ZERO in money. So if you don’t have a list right now, or you’re on a tight budget (hey, I’ve been there!) you want to keep reading.

Anyway…all of a sudden I was viewed as a valuable and entertaining resource to these people. They started calling me and it turned into a huge rush of business pretty-much automatically.

Now…before I go on, you might be wondering: What in the world is the marketingsecretI use to make these letters work so well at bringing me clients?

OK, I’m going to tell you. But it’s actually easy to explain, much harder to do.

See I learned how to write letters with a unique personality. In fancy marketing circles they call it…

Creating Letters With a “HOOK

What’s a “hook?” And what in the heck does it have to do with marketing or selling real estate?

A “hook” is a mysterious or curious appeal of your prospecting letter. It’s the inquisitive “thing” that draws your reader in like a tractor beam, and gets them reading every single word of your letter.

It could be a unique headline or an interesting story that you weave into your letter to make it intriguing.

So instead of throwing your mail in the trash, people can’t help but read your letter – and end up calling you for more information!

I developed a special knack for creating these “head-turning” hooks and put them in every single one of my letters.

After I had a handful of letters and they were pulling like gangbusters, I realized…

I’m Now So Dag-Gone Busy In My Business, I
Don’t Have Time to Dream-Up New Letters…

So to have a bunch of letters I could use over time, I went on a massive letter-writing roll.

I created a HUGE bank of letters. I got after it and wrote like Hemmingway (my favorite Floridian!), creating letters for Farming, Surveys, FSBO’s, Expireds, Buyers, Open Houses, Renters, Post Cards….and a whole lot more.

I wrote hundreds of letters, then sent them out for the “real world test” in the marketplace. If they worked, I kept using them. If they stank like rotting fish, I’d trash them.

And after over 3 years doing this…

I Had Accumulated A Boatload Of
103 Wildly-Successful Letters

That’s about the time I called Craig Forte from the 3-Steps Marketing Group (who also does Agent Inner Circle, if you don’t know that by now) and told him how I started writing these letters.

I told him how I had tested them and sorted out the “winners” from the “losers.” And told him the “SECRET” technique I discovered that makes my letters so successful.

He asked me to send over a few samples of my letters. Now, Craig’s been writing ads, sales letters and all kinds of stuff for over 30 years. I wasn’t trying to impress him as much as see if he could give me some feedback.

I never expected what happened next…

He called me up and said these letters were brilliant! And he really liked the “hooks” I put into them.

But then I told him these letters made me…

Over $122,446.00 in Extra Commissions

He said his eyes got as big as pancakes! And that’s when he asked me,

Hey Lori, why don’t you package up those
letters and make them available to
other agents? It would save them a
TON of time and money!

At first I said HECK NO! Could you blame me? I mean, I spent over 3 years, hundreds of hours writing and thousands of dollars testing these letters. I’m not about to give them to any agent!

But Craig didn’t stop. For the next THREE WEEKS he hounded me to make these letters available to his agents.

He said I wouldn’t have any competition if we offered them ONLY to agents OUTSIDE my area. And he said I could make a little extra spending change if I made them available to his clients and network.

The “Spending Change” Idea Got Me, So I Caved…

Actually, two exceptions. First, we will NOT sell these letters to any agent in the Jacksonville area. Sorry folks, but I don’t want to take the chance of my letters competing with ME in my market.

Second, Craig can sell them ONLY to his clients and members of our Agent Inner Circle. I want to at least try to control who uses them.

OH, and one more thing…

I reserve the right to WITHDRAWL THIS OFFER AT ANY TIMEincluding tomorrow morning. I’m serious. If this becomes a hassle, or agents try to smuggle them into my market, I’m pulling them.

So if you’re still with me, let’s get down to business.

You probably want to know what’s involved in these letters. Heck, my “Table of Contents” (with descriptions of each letter so you know how to use them) is 14 pages!

Here’s a quick overview of my letters available in this collection…

No Matter What Situation – You’ll Find
A Letter That’s Already Written For You

Here’s what’s included…

  • In my FARM SERIES, you’ll get 10 rock-solid letters with head-turning hooks that practically force people to read your letters and respond to your offers…
  • Also part of the Farm Series, you’ll get 4, 2-part letters to send – all around the “Best Business Survey” you use with your farm, house list and pipeline…
  • You’ll get a series of 10 “Best Restaurant Series” letters to create “involvement” from your farming territories (and make them ACT in your favor!)…
  • You’ll get a 2-part Garage Sale Series involving the community in a neighborhood garage sale (making you a “household name,” almost overnight)…
  • A simple “Good Night John Boy” letter delivering 15 safety tips about fire prevention and other safety areas around your home (guaranteed to capture your prospect’s attention!)…
  • You’ll get 29themedrelationship-contact letters for your farm and house list. Check out these headlines and hooks:
    • “A Good Flush Beats a Full House Anytime”
    • “And the Walls Came Tumbling Down”
    • “What Do Baby Bottles and BBQ Grills Have in Common?”
    • “Jill Saved $360 Per Year On A $75,000 Loan
    • “Now, You Know…’The Government Never Makes Mistakes’”
    • “Where in The World is Two Eggs?”
    • “Our Mail Saved Mike Over $1,500 Per Year”
    • “Shhhh, We Have A Secret!”
    • …and a many, many other winners….
  • BUYER SERIES, includes 7 ready-to-use letters all designed with amazing “hooks” to attract buyers to your business (and force them to work with you and only you)…
  • EXPIRED SERIES, includes 4 tantalizing letters designed specifically to convert Expired’s over to YOU (sealing-up a new listing with minimal effort)…
  • FSBO SERIES, you’ll get a proven and tested 6-part mail-out series of letters – sending one letter every 5 days. It’s a complete marketing system for attracting FSBO’s to you (delivering solid listings time and time again)…
  • OPEN HOUSE SERIES, you’ll get an 8-part mail-out series to people who have visited your open houses – a ready-to-go marketing system designed to convert Open House visitors to clients (and think of YOU when they think “real estate”)…
  • RENTER SERIES, you can use as individual letters or (I learned from the 3-Steps system) you can create a Sequence of 4 letters – all designed to convert renters to clients…
  • And here’s an incredible system I created called SELLER MANAGEMENT SERIES. It’s a simple 5-part mail-out series designed specifically to go to your SELLERS once you’ve taken the listing (it’s an amazing way to cement your relationship and NEVER lose a listing again)…
  • You’ll also get a POST CARD SERIES including post cards for New Neighbors, Holidays, Recipe Card and more (a complete “stay in contact” system)…
  • And, as if that wasn’t enough, I prepared a “MISCELLANEOUS SERIES” of letters, which includes an Annual Sales Report, a letter to promote your listings to buyer agents, a relocation letter, a “thank you for your referral” letter, a letter to neighbors of a home you just listed – designed to get listings, names of other homeowners, and a whole lot more.

That’s a HUGE collection of letters. 103 in all. You don’t have to spend 3 years, hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars like I spent just to get the “right letter” that works.

It’s all done for you. Unless you don’t know how to turn on a computer or something, it should take you about 5 minutes flat to use them.

I’ll even save you more time and money by giving you ALL THE LETTERS pre-written in an MS Word format on a CD-ROM. This makes your letters…

Completely “PLUG-and-PLAY”

Will they work the same for you as they did for me?


All you have to do is reference the letter you want, add your name and contact information, and you’re ready to go.

H-E-L-L-O!! Could it get any easier?


Look, here’s a snapshot of the folders after you put the CD in your computer. Pretty straightforward, huh?

Every part of the letter can be modified in MS Word. Just update them with your name and contact info.

OK, So How Much Does It
Cost to Get This Incredible
Resource of Letters?

Here’s where anyone else would try toset you upfor some HUGE price offer.

Listen, I KNOW I could ask $400 or $500 or even $1,000 for these letters because I’ve seen them work. And I know there’s NOTHING else out there like them. These are ONE OF A KIND.

Ask yourself: If you were in MY shoes, how much would YOU charge for letters that have made you HUNDREDS-OF-THOUSANDS-Of-DOLLARS?

Probably a whole lot more than I’m asking, I know that!

So here’s the bottom line.

At one of Craig’s recent seminars, he blew it and only asked agents to pay $97 for the entire collection.

We sold the ENTIRE ROOM.

Man, Were We STUPID!

We could have sold them for 4 or 5 TIMES that much. But he wanted to do a favor for his good attendees. And we both agreed we do the same for you too.

So you can have the ENTIRE collection of 103 prospecting letters – all written for you and organized on a CD-ROM – for only $97 (plus $7.50 S&H to get them to you).

Listen, Craig asked that I take this next sentence out of my letter to you, so this is “JUST ME” talking, REALTOR-To-REALTOR to you.

If you’re balking here…if 94 Cents a letter looks like a stretch to you, that’s probably the best reason of all why you should have these, so you can put all your money worries behind you.

Look, I’ve been in your shoes. I’ve been broke. I’ve been desperate. I’ve woken up in the morning, looked in the mirror and CRIED like a baby because I was so lost in this business.

I’m offering you a tool that can change all that for you and take you to a whole new level of production. And (thanks to Craig making a dang-silly mistake), you get them for less than you spent on COFFEE last month.

You can’t even dream ’em up yourself for that cheap!

OH…and one more thing for anyone feeling cautious or skeptical: I’m so certain these letters will work for you I’m even willing to “up” the ante. My letters – all 103 of them – come with a…

100% Risk-Free
60 DAY Guarantee

Read them, test them, try them out for your own market area. For gosh-sakes, at least USE them!

And if you don’t absolutely LOVE my letters, send them back and I’ll refund your money less any shipping and handling. I’ll take the risk here, just promise not to rip me off.

That’s reasonable, don’t you think?

I suppose this is where I’m supposed to review all the reasons why you should buy my letters – and then try to close you.

I know I’ll probably disappoint Craig without some hard-core closing language, but I’m just going to say that buying my letters will most-likely be the smartest, most valuable investment you’ve ever made in your career.

I know writing them was a very smart move for me. So to get your copy, just click on the link below here.

Just do it – you won’t be disappointed.

From Florida with my best wishes,

Lori Neighbors,REALTOR®
Jacksonville, FL