Upcoming Women’s Council 7 Day Video Challenge!

Everyone Is Talking About Video … Here’s Your Opportunity To Actually Start Doing It!

Now before you say video is too hard, too expensive and that you don’t have the time … allow me to say this … YES!

Yes … once upon a time it was all those things – BUT – that’s all changed because of the smartphone!

You now have the ability to easily shoot/edit and upload your videos to the web using just your smartphone.

The challenge though is getting over that fear of actually PRESSING the record button and making it happen.

That’s where our 7-Day Video Challenge comes in because like so many other agents you are not alone when it comes to getting over that fear.

I could tell you all the reasons why you need to be doing video and joining us on our 7-Day Video Challenge, but play the video below and see for yourself …

You’ll Be Glad You Did!