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Welcome to the Agent Inner Circle® Live Courses Catalog. Here you will find an extensive collection of live training classes made for Real Estate Agents, with everything from business basics to ethics and data security, as well as a growing number of CE Approved Sessions. Browse our featured selection of courses by scrolling, or choose from one of the categories below:

Business Mastery | Marketing & Brand | Lead & Referrals | Technology | Professionalism & Ethics

Business Mastery

How To Multiply Your Sales Without Prospecting

Session Length | 1 Hour

Tired of chasing leads and wondering where your next deal is coming from? There’s a better way to do business and it’s working by referral only! Just ask the thousands of agents producing incredible results who generate 100% of their business from past clients, friends and family. In this class you’ll learn exactly how these top agents produce a 6-figure income by using a simple strategy to work a small number of contacts that are motivated, close reliably, and refer others just like themselves. You won’t want to miss this opportunity to learn what some agents have hailed as – “the single most important thing I’ve done to increase business!”

The 3 Pillars of Every Real Estate Business

Session Length | 1 Hour

Ever get tired of doing the same thing, day in and day out, and think there might be an easier way? There is – and it starts with implementing systems in your business. Every REALTOR has 3, and only 3 ways to generate business: 

1) You can go after cold leads and nurture them
2) Use your existing clients to generate more business
3) Work your “power list” of the people that know, like and trust you

This course will cover the inside secrets of how the Direct Response Marketing masters use all 3 pillars to grow their businesses… and how YOU can learn to do the same without investing a ton of time or money. This is a can’t-miss session that can help you build your business and place you on the fast track to more sales, and a consistent practice (no more ‘dry spells’!).

Time Saving Master Class

Session Length | 1 Hour

Work more efficiently and add hours to your life! In this course, Alex Camelio will cover their best strategies for saving time in your everyday business. These are strategies they use every day to save time and get more done.

The course will include Tips, Tricks & Tools to:

  • Take control of your day with our advanced scheduling hacks.
  • Manage your Email with ease so you’re never overwhelmed.
  • Work more efficiently using our best computer and phone tricks. (Including our Top Apps.)
  • Reclaim your time and spend it enjoying yourself or adding income to your bottom line… and much more.

PLUS – Special Bonus: Time Saving Cheat Sheet

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Marketing & Brand

Create Your Annual Marketing Calendar

Session Length | 1 Hour

Are you ready to set up your annual Marketing Calendar for success? Join internationally renowned marketing expert Alex Camelio for this interactive workshop where you’ll go step-by-step through creating your very own Marketing Calendar that you can be confident will produce results.

You’ll walk away with:

  1. A Marketing Plan that will help you generate new business consistently throughout the year
  2. An understanding of the Top Marketing Opportunities for the coming year and how you can incorporate them into your business
  3. A Marketing Calendar Template you can use for years to come

This workshop will be jam packed with proven strategies that maximize the return on every dollar you invest in promoting your business, so you won’t want to miss it! Sign up today to make sure your Marketing Plan is 100% for next year!

5 Steps to Building a Brand That Delivers

Session Length | 1 Hour

The key to a successful marketing presence is creating a strong, consistent, & visually impactful brand. In this session, you will learn the 5 simple steps you can take to build a branding package that makes attracting clients easy. Plus, we’ll share free tools you can use to pick the right colors, fonts, graphics, and more. Most importantly, you’ll take away how to bring it all together to create a brand that truly delivers.

Old-School Vs. New School: Marketing For Results

Session Length | 1 Hour

For the last 40 years, the top marketing experts in the world have used the same secrets to market their products and make Millions, whether they’re using old tactics like print marketing, or the newest social media strategy. Join marketing expert, Alex Camelio, as he covers the core concepts any REALTOR can use to increase their return, whether they’re implementing old methods or new technology. He’ll even cover how to automate both old and new, so you can spend your time focusing on your clients instead of chasing business. You don’t want to miss this career defining event!

Close Deals with Copy That Converts!

Session Length | 1 Hour

Do you want your Facebook ads, posts, emails or even Sales Letters to perform better?? Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is like the How-To Manual for our Brain’s Response to language. In short, it’s the way in which our brains interpret marketing, and as sales people we can use an understanding of NLP to get a better response! Join Alex Camelio to learn more about this psychological secret that can improve the response you get to all of your marketing campaigns.

Gaming the System: Your Guide to Social Media

Session Length | 1 Hour

Join internationally renowned speaker, Alex Camelio, as he shows you how to “game the system” that is social media. Between Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram, social media can seem overwhelming. However, focusing your efforts in the right areas, and knowing the secret “ins and outs” can make social media work in your favor without having to invest a lot of time. Learn the best strategies and hidden gems for all of the major social media platforms. Don’t miss this chance to implement time-saving techniques now (because let’s be honest, you know you need to)!

YouTube for Real Estate Master Class

Session Length | 1 Hour

Do you want buyer and seller leads from YouTube? Do you want more Video Views on your Channel?

We’ve got you covered! Join internationally renowned speaker Alex Camelio as he dives into everything you need to know to run a successful YouTube channel, including:

  1. The best strategies for setting up your account
  2. Creating graphics for you channel and videos
  3. Picking ideal keywords to base your content around
  4. How to optimize your videos to get the most views

 … and much more!

Whether you’re just getting started or have already been trying to grow on YouTube, this Master Class will help you improve your skills so you can take your channel to the next level.

3 Thumbnail Image Templates and a Video Idea Cheat Sheet. (Never struggle for video ideas again.)

Canva Master Class

Session Length | 2 Hours

Learn how to create Professional Real Estate Marketing without expensive design fees.

Join internationally renowned speaker Alex Camelio as he shows you how to:

  • Save time by setting up your Canva account with your branded colors and images.
  • Create highly engaging social media posts.
  • Design a postcard or letter that gets read and responded to.
  • Build a captivating video template you can use over and over again.

… and much more.

PLUS – Special Bonus: You’ll also receive 3 time tested custom templates you can use that day!

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Google For Real Estate Master Class

Sessions | 1 Hour | 3 Hours

Join experts in all things Google, Alex Camelio and Craig Grant as they dive into Everything you need to run your entire business through Google without spending lots of money including:

  1. A deep-dive of Google Workspace
  2. How to take Gmail, Google Calendars & Google Docs to the next level with Add-Ons
  3. Google Tools You might not be maximizing including Keep, Forms, Jamboard

… and a whole lot more!

Video for Real Estate Master Class

Sessions | 1 Hour | 3 Hours

Videos get more engagement than any other type of media, but can be tricky to start off and then produce consistently… that is, until you’ve taken this course.

Some of the things you’ll learn include:

  1. The best types of videos to get engagement on platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and more.
  2. The exact equipment you’ll need to create high quality video without spending a ton of money.
  3. How to optimize your videos to get maximum exposure on YouTube & Gmail.
  4. How to easily shoot, edit and publish professional videos that will get you clients for years to come.

 … and much more.

BONUS: We’ll also be including a worksheet you can use to make sure you always have video ideas and consistently put out content.

The Top 5 Ways Technology Can Ruin Your Real Estate Business in 2023

Sessions | 1 Hour | 3 Hours | 8 Hours | CE Approved

In a matter of minutes, a REALTOR’s entire business can be destroyed by technology. With today’s world of viruses, malware, social engineering, and identity theft it’s more important than ever to protect your brand and livelihood. In this session, you’ll learn the top ways real estate professionals are exploited and what you can do to protect yourself and your clients’ information.

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Leads & Referrals

Generate Referrals with Online Reviews

Sessions | 1 Hour | 3 Hours | CE Approved

How often do you encourage your clients to leave you a testimonial and rate your services? Studies have shown that 80% of consumers will trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. In this session you will learn how to build a system for generating more reviews and referrals from your sphere of influence.  Then, we’ll cover how to turn these reviews directly into more business. You’ll learn a five-step process that you can systemize for working your referrals – and once it becomes part of your routine, you’ll be amazed at how well it works, and how easy it is to implement. Most agents aren’t using this proven process correctly, so set yourself apart and be one of the few who understand how to leverage reviews into referrals.

Building Relationships in an Online World

Session Length | 1 Hour

Whether you’re still working from home or returning to life as usual, building relationships is still the best way REALTORS® can generate repeat and referral business. This revolutionary course will teach you 4 strategies to build lasting relationships with every person in your Sphere of Influence and uncover the 2 biggest mistakes even the most savvy agents make. There’s more! We’ll also share with you the secret to using  “Personal Looking” automation to save time while continuing to reinforce the bonds you’ve built. Don’t miss this career-changing course that will place you on the fast track to more sales, and closer to the dream of working by referral only!

How To Run a Successful & Engaged Online Community

Session Length | 1 Hour

Online communities such as Groups on Facebook, LinkedIn, & more have become go-to resources for consumers & businesses for everything from advice and guidance, to connecting with others around the world that have similar interests, passions or professions. In this session, Alex Camelio will show you what it takes to run a successful group, and how it can help improve your business and add to your bottom line.

How To Generate Buyer & Seller Leads on Craigslist for Free

Session Length | 1 Hour

CraigsList is one of the world’s most popular sites and while most folks in the real estate world ignore it – consumers do not! In fact, Craigslist can be an incredibly effective place to promote your business, listings, and more! In this session, Alex will show you his FREE system for generating a consistent flow of buyer and seller leads on CraigsList!

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Professionalism & Ethics

How To Write Inclusive and Impactful Content

Session Length | 1 Hour

Even with a solid understanding of Fair Housing rules, writing property descriptions and promotional materials can be difficult! In this workshop, we’ll share a simple process you can use to ensure your content is both inclusive and impactful. Plus, we will provide examples and templates that you can use in your everyday business.

How Social Media Can Get You in Trouble with the Law & the Code of Ethics

Session Length | 1 Hour | 3 Hours | CE Approved

Did you know the 1st Amendment does not grant you the right to say whatever you want on social media? In fact, your words can significantly hurt your business and even put you in legal trouble that could threaten your real estate license. In this course, we’ll cover the best practices for posting on social media without putting yourself or your career in jeopardy. You will walk away with an understanding of First Amendment protections and exceptions, social media fair housing violations, financial and legal repercussions, general pitfalls that could injure your business, and how to safely share on social media. Don’t let one of the best opportunities to generate income turn into a liability!

Designing for Accessibility

Session Length | 1 Hour | 3 Hours | CE Approved

Without even knowing it, your marketing could be totally inaccessible to entire parts of the population! While casting the widest net for your marketing is not only the best business practice, it’s also required by law. In this course, we’ll cover the core concepts of designing your websites, print assets, social media posts and more, to be as accessible as possible to the widest audience available, while staying compliant with the law, as well as your board of REALTORS®.

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