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When Your Commission Turns Into a Debate, Part II

As requested, in a follow-up to Part 1 of this article, herein is a list (though not comprehensive) of tools available to realtors as a means to add value to their services.

“Full-service” agents are increasingly in-demand, as housing markets across the country become progressively more challenging. In many areas, housing supply greatly outstrips demand, and sellers are being forced to drop asking prices or keep unsold property in their pockets. As a result, real estate professionals who are committed, creative and aggressive are becoming more and more valued for their expertise and marketing skill.

There are many tools available to agents in today’s real estate market; by tailoring these tools to suit each prospective client, any agent can work smarter and with greater results. The “trick” is learning to use these tools instinctively and consistently as a means of attracting new business and retaining those clients with whom you have already worked.

Successful agents, those keeping a steady inflow of clientele and collecting full commissions for their work, will always have a variety of tools at their disposal. Buying “premium positioning” on popular Internet sites puts listing agents’ clients in front of an ever-increasing number of consumers and buyers’ agents who use the Internet as their primary research engine. Agents who offer the services of professional photography and experienced “staging” techniques to increase the appeal of a property benefit immensely by many sites’ “virtual tour” options.

On a more personal note, let’s not forget that most agents are full time real estate professionals; they work within networks of people both inside and outside of the housing market and are accustomed to working with others toward a mutual goal. If a listing agent has a particular property just up for sale, he/she may know a buyer’s agent who is known to carry clients interested in just such a property. Not to mention the peace of mind an agent will provide a client who’s schedule does not permit around-the-clock accessibility or whose market know-how is limited when it comes to negotiations with potential buyers.

Many agents offer other services as well, like leaving full listing “books” on site, describing a property’s tax, utility, fire and school district information for any walk-thru prospect to review at their leisure. Or they create a well-thought out marketing plan to show each prospective client, tailored to the client’s property. This plan is described to the client in detail, giving the client the distinct impression that their investment is being given special attention and that there are attainable goals near at hand. Touches like these show initiative and give an agent’s services an added touch of care and time, qualities sorely missed in many other client-based industries.

For further ideas on how to add to your “value,” watch this site for the Agent Inner Circle Newsletter. Or, click here to read Craig Forte’s article “Three Ways to Multiply Your Value in the Marketplace.”