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How To Get Clients Online Without A Website

How would you like to get new business from the web WITHOUT having a web site?

Sounds impossible, I know.  But stay with me for a few minutes.  I'll show you how to get clients from the internet by posting your information at eight FREE places online that are certain to get visitors.

If you've been following my internet strategies for real estate professionals, and did your homework, you'll be ready to get found online by your prime prospects.  You can review the last few articles in the newsletter archive by clicking here...

When we last left off, I explained how to round out your list of localized KEYWORDS, TAGS, and LOCATIONS.  And now it's time to take those lists and set up some simple web pages in various spots that get found online.

The “operative“ word in the last sentence was “VARIOUS“ and the missing word was SITE.  You first need to set up several PAGES in specific locations (you'll find out where below).  And you can save setting up a full-blown SITE for last – if you already have a site, that's fine, we'll address that later.

Worry not...setting up pages online is easy.  In fact, it's as fun as a family fishing trip...

You're about to go fishing on a big pond called the “Internet“ but you're not going deep, you're staying in the shallow local waters.  Think of your PAGES as your “bait and hook“ while your SITE (or even your blog or an 800 hotline) will be your boat.  You'll use various forms of bait and most will have a line back to your boat.


Unlike the early years of the internet when you needed to have a programmer, a designer, and a pot of money... today, with WEB 2.0 opportunities everywhere, you can set up web pages quickly and without paying a cent.

Web 2.0 is many things by definition, but at its core is the concept that YOU are a content creator and if given the ability to add or create content on someone else's site or system, you will.  For our purposes, this is like being handed the keys to the back door of the internet's “bait and tackle“ shop.  We can quickly and easily create all the bait (content) we want to attract schools of prospects.  I'll show you how in 3 easy steps...


STEP 1:  Identify the TYPE of Focused Content Pages
You need to take the localized KEYWORDS, TAGS, and LOCATIONS you compiled earlier and create very focused content that you can place on several web pages.  The content you create doesn't need to be professionally written or “scholarly“, rather it needs to be homespun, helpful, brief, in your voice and honest.

Testimonials from third party sources and clients are great to use and are very powerful.  Everything needs to be peppered with real estate related KEYWORDS and LOCATIONS.  And if the system where you are posting your information allows you to categorize your content, then you'll use your TAGS.

Keep in mind, the content you create should be structured to FIT the type of site where you are posting it, which means it might be in a format like one of the following:

  • A PARAGRAPH about what you do,
  • an ARTICLE about your service benefits,
  • a LIST of things you do for clients (or areas you cover, or things a homeowner might look out for),
  • a REVIEW of your business
  • a PHOTO of you performing your service,
  • a MAP of areas you cover,
  • an online “Consumer Awareness Guide,“ or
  • a testimonial VIDEO you post on YouTube.

The types of content are limited only by your creativity.  The more the better, but even a little will do.  Now let's open the back door of the internet's “bait and tackle“ shop and start creating our bait...

STEP 2:  Create Your Focused Content Pages
The better your content the greater impact it will have on your overall strategy.  So post quality, helpful, informative stuff and not just “promotional“ material!  If appropriate, pepper in testimonials and photos.  These items will do the selling for you.

Each system will have its own rules and's worth the effort to skim through tutorials, FAQs, and policy guides to assure you maximize the potential of your content.

You can search each system for other content that might be like yours (using the keywords you have on your lists)... sometimes it'll give you ideas.  Weave everything together naturally with KEYWORDS, TAGS, and LOCATIONS.  Don't try to 'stuff' these terms into your content so it can't be read by a human being.  That never works and can actually lower the search ranking of your content.

Important Tip:  Within your mix of content posts, you'll want to create ONE central blog.  It will be the only place where it's required to add additional content on a regular basis (this is covered more thoroughly in an upcoming article).  What we are seeking now are places where we can post ONCE (with perhaps only occasional updating required).

If your keyword list is larger, divide it into GROUPS (or what I call BUCKETS) and create separate content based on the focused/related keywords in each “bucket.“  Your content buckets could be information on your happy clients in the local area, why a person needs your services, or real estate how-to tips...

STEP 3:  Post Your Content Pages for Maximum Visibility
It's time to set-up your pages and content in a few key locations.  The list below will get you started, but if you discover other prime spots (especially local spots) then merely add to this list.  Remember, the idea is to adjust or create your content to fit the environment where it will be placed.  Look around at each system that you find and add your content in the format, style or flavor of what you see on that site.


The examples below are not all real estate related on as to expand your creativity ;-)

    An example of a Squidoo LENS page for a Children's Book:

    An example of a HUB about Real Estate Ads:


    An example of a GOOGLE BASE page - in this example a review of Dean Graziosi's book:

    An example of a GOOGLE PROFILE page - in this example it's me!

  5.  TUMBLR
    An example of a TUMBLR for “to-do“ list generator:

  6.  SWIKI
    An example of a SWIKI for real estate:

  7.  FLICKR
    An example of MONTEL WILLIAMS using “bait“ for one of his “boats“:

    An example of a Rockin' Cockatoo dancing to the Back Street Boys:

I've just given you eight places to post your content, get the word out about your real estate services, and harvest new business from the internet.

You can also set up a BLOG to post regular updates.  Search engines favor blogs over regular web sites, and you'll find out why in my next article.

And boy will it be a treat for you...keep an eye out for my next article where I'll reveal easy ways to set up a blog completely for free.  I'll get you up and running in minutes...

See you soon!

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10 Low-Cost, High-Yield Alternatives To Knocking On Doors

What has Terry Hassett learned about prospecting after 31 years in the real estate business?  Here he presents his top-ten list for low-cost prospecting that brings results.

Here's Terry's description in his own words:

“I recently read an article advocating the economical benefits of knocking on doors for business.  As a professional salesperson, this can be a great source of new business, or a skill-building exercise, but cold doors are not the most productive use of our time.  Here are 10 low-cost strategies that make better use of that valuable time...

  1. Call Your Sphere of Influence.  It's easy to stay connected during a transaction, but connections can fade easily when you get busy.  Call to stay in touch, see how things are going and ask if they need anything.  Add names as you go.
  2. Visit Your Sphere.  This is effective if your sphere member owns a business you can call on, but also fills time voids on evenings and weekends.  Face time is valuable, if only for a minute, just to drop off an item of interest or a small gift.
  3. Visit For Sale by Owners.  Get to know these sellers and their inventory.  Offer assistance in a no-pressure atmosphere as a way of learning the inventory and helping them with their purchase when they sell.
  4. Visit Newly Expired Listings.  If you are an expert in a given area, you can let potential sellers know this.  If you happen to be in the neighborhood, you can introduce yourself.
  5. Visit Local Builders.  Getting to know your builders is a good way to meet people, learn the market, and obtain listings.
  6. Visit Your Geographic Farm Area.  Introduce yourself properly to your selected farm and make regular, repeat visits with a purpose.  As you go, you can visit the For Sale By Owner's and Expired Listings also.
  7. “5x5“ Your New Listings and Just Sold Properties, in Person.  Meet the neighbors.  Find out who's thinking of moving.  Visit a minimum of 5 doors to the left, 5 to the right and 5 across.  You don't have to settle on 5...the more the better.
  8. Visit Local Small Businesses.  Become a “regular“ and well known to the people there – in a positive light.  Become a source of information for them and their clientele.
  9. Visit Landlords.  If you see someone working on a rental property, stop by and introduce yourself, especially if it's in your geographic farm.  They may be your next listing.
  10. Mail Absentee Owners.  This can be one of the most productive uses of a regular mail campaign in non-peak meeting times.

How best to do this:  First, dress appropriately.  Be sincere.  Don't be a “one-hit wonder“... visit repeatedly as part of a campaign.  Take something of interest; be it an article, newsletter, or other piece of information.  Be prepared and practice your 15 second opening presentation.  Remember your goals.  Don't think about it too much or you won't do it.  Mix it up and have fun.  Ask for referrals.  Send Thank You Notes.  Seek constant improvement.  Hire help when needed to keep you in the field.  Track your numbers.  And use regular mailings to follow-up.“

QuickTip: How To Not Anger Your Clients

“The most common complaint I hear about Real Estate Agents has to do with communication – either lack of it or poor etiquette.  I do TWO things to show my client's they're important (and to not make them angry):

1.  I tell clients I'm working with that they will never be put on hold with me, as I won't answer my cell if I'm with someone else.  They know if they leave me a message, I'll call them back quickly and focus only on their reason for calling.

2.  If I'm with a client in person I do not take full attention is on THEM.  And I make a production out of turning off my ringer when we meet - just to remind them of my policy.  You'd be surprised how much this is appreciated.”

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Finally...Get Names and Business From Open Houses

“We hold 4 to 5 open houses almost every weekend.  We always try to get the names, phone numbers, and email addresses of all the visitors to our opens.  I don't know about you but sometimes it's difficult to get people to fill out our register.  Here's the best way we've found to get names and business from open houses in 4-steps...

Step 1:  Fill generic treat sacks that younger children often receive at birthday parties with an assortment of candies, notepads (with our printed contact info of course) imprinted pencils, etc.  We then close them with a twist tie and attach a business card.

Step 2:  We offer these treat bags as a thank you for visiting us during our open house, and 9 times out of 10 we get those people to sign our open house register giving us another name for our database and another opportunity to follow-up with them.

Step 3:  We immediately follow-up with a 'Thank You' card.

Step 4:  Each person who signs our open house register goes on our database and we send out a regular newsletter to stay in touch.

We have been averaging 6 to 7 fresh names each weekend of buyers who are 'serious'.  Over time we can track and see they eventually either work with us directly or refer us business.“

Horror Story: “I'll Never Forget This Bathroom Experience...”

“I was in our local Walmart shopping center, and decided to use the ladies room before leaving.  I had just gotten to the doorway to enter when a gentleman pushing an elderly lady in a wheelchair came up and asked if I could help his Mother into the restroom.  I agreed and with a lot of pushing, pulling, and grunting I finally got her into the stall to 'do her business.'

For the 20 or so minutes that she was inside we chatted through the bathroom stall door.  To make a long story shorter, the lady was actually thinking of selling her home.  Shocked, I told her I was an agent and she told me all about her home right there in the bathroom.

We ended up listing (and selling) her UPPER END home for a nice, big commission check!  Never saw that coming...So remember, be helpful and ALWAYS mention that you are a REALTOR®!“

Issue #1155