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How Top Agents Double Their GCI

Do you ever feel frustrated with the lack of response from your marketing?

Most agent promotions I see are missing ONE key ingredient to profitable marketing.  Making this one tweak has the power to dramatically increase your response rates and your income.

What am I talking about?  It's simply making a...

Motivating OFFER
To Prospects and Clients

Always keep in mind that no one will respond to anything you write or say without a self-serving, irresistible REASON (or multiple reasons) for doing so.  So rather than talk about yourself, your great brokerage, or your production, talk about things important to THEM in their situation when buying or selling.

Then offer them something of great value in THEIR eyes, and watch your inquiries soar, turning your marketing "sunk cost" into a huge "profit center."

Today I want to introduce you to a way to use the power of a motivating offer that converts leads to loyal clients.  It was an idea submitted by Susan Moguel, a top-producing REALTOR® in Southwest Florida.

Susan says she has a full pipeline of buyers, her GCI is well into 6-figures and she became a Top Producer using this method.

I've taken Susan's idea she emailed over to me (to share with you) and enhanced it slightly so it's easy for you to plug into your marketing systems THIS WEEK.

You'll notice she, 1) makes a specific OFFER to get leads (“free information package”), 2) captures their contact information, 3) puts them on her database, 4) sends them the package and a monthly newsletter that creates a trusted relationship.

Bottom line:  She motivates, captures and follows-up.

When they're ready to buy or sell, they call HER because they feel they know and trust her.  Now, here's Susan's description outlined as a simple 3-step process...

“As REALTORS®, we all know how difficult it can be to turn an online or phone inquiry into a client.  I created my own SW Florida Relocation Package (for out-of-town buyers) or my Informational Package (for locals).

STEP 1: CREATE A Valuable Information Package

The package includes:
  • area demographics, school information, area attractions and tidbits (like the number of golf courses and miles of beaches),
  • my featured listings,
  • a list of area foreclosure homes,
  • a full size map so they can plot out the homes they like,
  • and an interactive CD-Rom with links to my website, my MLS search and other helpful sites.

Unlike post cards and flyers, this package is something they will not throw away!

You can see a picture of the information package by clicking here.

STEP 2: OFFER Your Info-Package To Prospects

I advertise this package in The Real Estate Book and on my website – so I get buyers contacting me directly to get this package.

When a prospect contacts me I always offer this complimentary package.  I explain what it is - and reassure them that there is no obligation whatsoever - it is just a helpful service I provide.  I have never had anyone turn down my offer!

I build instant rapport with them - in a situation that is often very difficult to do.

I send out the package by Priority Mail for about $5.00 – which I found increases my response and keeps the package in better condition upon arrival (using a sturdy USPS Priority Mailer).  But, I originally mailed it out first class and that did well for me too.

STEP 3: ADD Prospects To Your Database and FOLLOW-UP

I add inquiries to my monthly newsletter mailing which allows me to keep in touch with them until they are ready to buy.

I have had a number of clients who I only spoke with for mere seconds, who ended up contacting me months later to represent them in the purchase of a house.

Between my free package and the newsletter, they feel like they know me and they trust me.  All of this because I stepped out of the "sales person" box and offered them something of value.

Now, I have a full pipeline of buyers (yes, even in this market!).  Since starting this program I have doubled my income, my GCI is well into the 6-figures and I became a Top Producer in the area.  And get this...I have only been in the business less than 3 years!”

Wow!  That was Susan in her own words describing how she's earning a healthy living today using this system.

Do you know what the sad part is?

Only 4% of agents will actually go out and implement a system like this one.

And many more agents will start this system and not follow up with leads after sending the initial package.  In the process they end up leaving thousands of dollars in commissions out there that could've been “easy income” if they simply continued to give value to prospects.

Listen to these words from Susan carefully...

“I became a full time real estate agent in 2006. In 2006, my GCI was approximately $48,000.

In 2007, I started using the Relocation Package. That year, my GCI jumped to approx. $107,000. Of this, about $62,000 can be directly attributed to my offering this package and following up with my Service For Life!® newsletter.

In 2008, my GCI went to about $138,000. Again, a large portion of that (approx. $81,500) was a result of this package and the follow-up I was able to do because of it.”

Question:  Do you think implementing a simple strategy like this could easily DOUBLE YOUR INCOME even in a down-cycle?

And you can use this same process with listings, offering reports that sellers would find valuable to convert them to clients.

How do you get started?

The first thing is to follow up with your leads and clients with regular and valuable contact.  Next, create an information package about your local area to send to leads.  Then add the process steps above to your business process checklists.

Everywhere you promote your services (even if it's a short classified ad), include an OFFER to contact you for some valuable, free information.  Imagine how many more calls you'll get and how many more leads will convert to buyers if you use this with EVERY promotion you do.

When you start making motivating OFFERS to the right prospects, your promotions will start to produce tangible results.   And you'll quickly have more business than you'll ever need next month and every month you use this system.

Use HUD and Craigslist to Get Unlimited Buyers

Would you like an easy way to attract buyers to your business for free?

Agent Rob Hernandez went from struggling rookie agent to attracting hundreds of buyer leads, without listings.  He explains how he gets unlimited access to new listings and how he promotes these listings for free on  Rob also includes an example ad you can use as a template to quickly post ads to Craigslist and start profiting immediately.

Here's Rob's description in his own words:

“When I first started in the real estate business, I only worked with buyers.  My problem was that I wanted to generate buyer leads, but I had no homes listed to advertise to attract those buyers.

And then I discovered the secret on how to legally advertise hundreds of listings that were not mine.  The US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) allows you to advertise their homes to attract buyers.  In my area, HUD pays a 5% buyers agent commission, which makes it worth it to sell just about any property they have available.

Fast forward to present day – I am still advertising HUD properties, but now instead of paying for classified ads I generate tons of free leads on  HUD supplies me with a new batch of listings every week and I take about 20 minutes a day to post them on

Last month I generated over 100 leads who were interested in getting a list of foreclosures in my area.  I hope this helps some of the new buyers agents out there who are hungry and ready for new business.  Go to to find out which homes are available in your area.”

Craigslist Ad Example:

sample booklet

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QuickTip: How To Get New Business From Old Junk

“I recently became an Associate Broker, making all of my business cards that say Licensed Sales Person outdated (although still very accurate as far as contact information).

Last month I organized a large area multi-family garage sale.  I decided to use the 500+ old business cards I had as PRICE TAGS for the items. And, as a result, I received many direct leads and contacts who Iím now working with!”

4 Home Staging Tips To Attract Buyers

“What are some of the things buyers look for in a new home?  Many times they look for things they don't have in their current home, like a 'showcase' bedroom.  What is a showcase bedroom?  It's a bedroom that looks like it came right out of a major magazine.  More than that, it's a room where buyers can imagine themselves living in the home.  Here are four tips for creating a showcase bedroom:

1. The furniture needs to be clean.  Furniture should pass the 'white glove' test, and mirrors and windows should be spot free.

2. The bed linens should be fresh and luxurious to the eye.  Maybe just a new duvet cover with matching pillow shams propped up will do the trick.  You can also add some contrast with a smaller pillow in the center.

3. The color choices should be neutral and should match.  Try to match the bedding colors with something else in the room like the paint trim or a small rug on the floor.

4. Remove any exercise equipment and de-clutter the closets.  People often move because they want MORE space.  In general, you can remove anything that does not need to be in the master bedroom.  Where do you put all the items you took from the closet?  Try using plastic storage containers that will slide under the bed and out of site.  If there is left over space in your closets they will think that all their clothes and other items will fit!

The bedroom is a personal space for the buyer.  Creating a great bedroom isn't just about the furniture, but it's about turning an ordinary bedroom into a place that will comfort a buyer to escape from the rest of the world.  So spend a little time and energy to really look at the bedroom from a buyer's eye and your house will sell faster.”

Horror Story: A Price Reduction Disaster Story

“Some REALTORS® think being 'given' a County Probate or Public Guardian house to sell is a 'freebie.'  The County calls up agents and asks them to sell a house.  Pretty simple, right?

Last year I was given a home to sell by the County Public Guardian property division, just as the market in the East San Francisco Bay Area was beginning to tumble.  I submitted comparable sales to the administrators, estimated downward, knowing that the market was tanking.  I 'won' the listing and put the county's run-down house up for sale.

For next 3 months, investors circled around like sharks and I presented low ball offers to the County.  Each time they rejected them, based on what an administrator 'thought' the market was doing and what she 'thought' the house was 'worth.'  Meanwhile, foreclosures and N.O.D.s (notices of default) continued to blossom like mushrooms in the rain in this neighborhood, lowering property values by less than half.

For each of the next 6 months, every time the comparable sales dropped, I re-submitted an estimate of what I thought it would sell for, and the County administrators passed the papers around at the speed of paint drying, rejecting each new price, as the market continued to fall 6% in one quarter last summer!  It wasn't until I produced data from the California Association of REALTORS® that the County bureaucrats validated my requests for a price reduction.

When a perfect young man showed up to buy it at the now realistic price, and was willing to do the considerable fixing of a dilapidated property, he chose a friend of the family to do the loan.  This novice lender, very puffed up and sure of himself, delayed the close through two court appearances because he couldn't close the loan.  Only because my intrepid buyer was heartbroken that he wouldn't be able to 'buy my first house before I turn 30' and the County had stalled the sale for almost a year and now mandated it sold, did they allow me to find him a loan (which I had in underwriting within 2 days, at 1.5% lower than his so-called 'friend of the family').

It was looking more and more like a Keystone Kops movie, ridiculously scrambling down to the wire:  the underwriters insisted we have the Section One termite work done before funding, and the County broke their protocol and found a contractor who could whip it out, in the winter rains, in a couple of days to keep the loan locked, and finally the house sold just on my buyer's birthday.  Lesson learned:  I've got to be much pushier about my knowledge of the market and loans, much more communicative (especially with local bureaucrats), and more persuasive with buyers to give up their silly loyalty to mediocre or inexperienced lenders.”

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