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The Money-Making Power of Client Recognition

Have you ever noticed that most people are "Recognition and Appreciation" starved these days?

Think about it. We're all so busy and involved with our own personal lives, we hardly ever take the time to recognize and appreciate those around us.

When was the last time your boss really recognized you? When was the last time your spouse said, "I'm so lucky to have you in my life"?

When was the last time anyone acknowledged you exist on this earth?

Everyone wants to feel special. Mary Kay Cosmetics created such a strong "Recognition and Appreciation" program, they've created a "cult-like" environment in their organization.

If you've ever sold Mary Kay, you know what I'm talking about. They treat their sales associates special, with gifts at nearly every level, awards, and even a Pink Cadillac for outstanding production.

Their associates are bonded to them like super glue, because they've realized the "influence power" of recognizing people.

Yet many real estate agents miss out on this valuable way to bond prospects and clients and become their sole choice for real estate services. And with that, they lose the opportunity to truly capitalize on the LIFETIME VALUE of their clients, and never create the Personal Market Share™ required to reach their potential in real estate.

Recognizing and appreciating your prospects and clients on a regular basis is like sending out an EMOTIONAL TRACTOR BEAM that pulls them in, and bonds them to you for life.

Think of all the ways you can recognize your clients and share your appreciation for them. Then watch your client volume, referrals, and repeat business grow and grow.

Want some ideas? OK, try a few of these out in your practice:

Recognition Strategy #1: Recognize Special Holidays in a Unique Way.

I have a long-term client friend who's a top notch REALTOR® in Orange County, California.

Not long ago, he shared with me a strategy he uses along with his monthly Service For Life!® contact with his House List – and the great thing is…it can also be used as a stand-alone strategy.

My friend…Agent "X"…takes out a calendar and locates a HOLIDAY that occurs each month. He even researches bizarre holidays that most people don't know about, just so he has something to "talk about" each month.

Then…he goes out and finds some kind of "themed" paper to write a very personal message. Now…notice his strategy has TWO components:

Component #1: He finds a reason (the holiday) for the contact, and uses a "THEME" as a way to capture attention…

Component #2: He creates a VERY personal, warm message that "recognizes and appreciates" his clients…

He then uses the message (on the themed paper) as his cover letter for his Service For Life!® newsletter. What are some of the holidays you could do this with? How about…

Christmas & Hanukkah
St. Patrick's Day ("make more green with my services")
July 4th
Mothers Day
Fathers Day
Valentine's Day (I love my clients)

But you can also find unusual holidays, such as "all saints day" or Flag day or Hungarian Pride day.

Here's an example of just one flyer – I reduced it to fit the page, and I scanned it in black and white, but you can still understand what he does…

By the way, my suggestion for this agent is to personalize the salutation on his letter and hand-sign in blue ink – it will make a bigger impact.

Recognition Strategy #2: The "Recognition and Appreciation P.S."

This one's quick and easy, but can make a huge impact. It's a "take-off" of the Business Card Referral Programming language I've shared in earlier issues of Agent Inner Circle™.

The strategy is to use a "P.S." with ALL of your letters with referral programming that says something like this:

"P.S. I've built my business based on the positive comments and referrals from people like you. Thank you for being such a special part of my business. I couldn't do it without YOUR help."

Did you notice the power of that message? It not only recognizes your clients for their help with your business, but it ALSO programs them for thinking about YOU for referrals.

Pretty smart, don't you think?

Recognition Strategy #3: The "Recognition and Appreciation Advertisement"

Twice a year a number of our agents take out special advertising space in local publications to run an "appreciation" ad for their clients.

They begin the ad with a simple statement saying something like the P.S. language you just learned above. Then they list out their clients' names.

If you don't have a lot of past clients, you can either, 1) include the names of people who are close to you and can help you in your business (use language that includes "people who support my business", OR 2) you can list out client names from the past several years – this way the list will be long and impressive.

This little strategy actually does TWO things at once…

First, it acknowledges people in your business – and people LOVE to see their name in print with appreciation attached to it.

Second, when you list out a LOT of names in your ad, it makes everyone believe you're a very busy (and very good) agent. And that's a strong message to communicate.

One more thing…if you do a lot of homes advertising in local publications, you can frequently negotiate either FREE space (because you're a good client), OR you can ask for "remnant" or "distressed" space and get the ad for pennies on the dollar.

Recognition Strategy #4: The "Recognition and Appreciation SPECIAL EVENT"

One of the most effective ways to recognize your clients is by hosting a special event – such as a golf outing or renting a movie theater, or renting a comedy club for an evening.

And…by the way…it doesn't have to be just with your "Top 20% Power Players™." It could be for ALL your clients or House List if you like.

You can also incorporate a "recognition" part of the event – and give out simple and inexpensive "awards" (blue ribbons or "appreciation certificates") to the people who sent you referrals.

And here's the great part: When all the other people see how you recognize others with your awards, they're getting the message that they should send you referrals – and it happens without you saying a thing!

Do yourself a favor today. Mark a little time this week to start using at least TWO of the strategies you learned today.

But remember, don't just try something once and forget about it. I want you to employ a system so that you use it on a regular basis.

Then, if you cumulatively add just one or two systems a month, ONE year from now, you'll have between 12 and 24 systems working in your business to bring you more clients, referrals, word of mouth and repeat business.

One little system may not rock your world…but 12 to 24 (or more) will add up to some pretty big results.

Seriously…the reason why most agents don't succeed is because they never get STARTED. They'll make up all kinds of excuses why they can't get anything done – and that's a killer of success…and destroys so many dreams for agents.

Evaluate the ideas that will help your business – from "high potential" to "lower potential." Then, take "one small bite" today and start getting something going.

Six months or just one year from today...and you'll be astonished at your success!

A Successful Relo Prospecting Idea

Successful marketing (and prospecting) requires you to deliver the right message, to the right person at the right time. Here's a great example of getting the right "message, person, time" formula correct. Agent Jane Flood creates a simple brochure that goes into her local Chamber of Commerce package distributed to people inquiring on her local community. But there's more than meets the eye here…

You'll notice from the example that she, 1) Positions her brochure specifically for a relocation market, 2) Tells her prospect exactly what she does in the relocation process (very smart!), 3) Differentiates herself in a positive way with her message targeted directly to the relocation prospect ("The Right Relocation Broker Makes all the Difference"), and 4) (most importantly) Makes an OFFER ("Tour and Lunch with Jane") and RESPONSE MECHANISM – this ONE element turns her brochure from a fancy post card (that gets thrown away) into a prospecting machine that brings clients.

Here's Jane's brief description, plus you can click on the image below to see her full brochure as a pdf…

"I produced a brochure for the Bend, OR Chamber of Commerce to hand out for people relocating to the Central Oregon area. It offers a tour and lunch with me. It has been very successful."

QuickTip: Smart Seller Pricing Strategy

“When I go on a listing presentation, and present comps to my Sellers of properties that are in 'Active' status, I offer then a 'Seller Tour'. I then take them to properties similar to theirs (from the comps) so they can compare their properties to others currently on the market. This is especially good if they want to overprice their property and is a good wake-up call on the true value of their property.”

Flag Pin Prospecting

I once met an agent who claimed to sell 43 (pricey) homes one year by walking neighborhoods and handing out unusual promotions. On July 4th she'd hand out flags. On Halloween she'd hand out pumpkins. At the Holidays she'd hand out candy canes and ornaments. Everyone in the neighborhood knew her and she built a great business.

While I've never been a huge fan of "manual prospecting", I do recognize that, if you're on a tight budget (or simply want great results and some exercise), you can't go wrong with a walking strategy. You can leverage your effectiveness by getting everyone you meet on your database and sending out your monthly newsletter, such as Service For Life!®. This method significantly increases the quality of your list (because they now know you) and makes it much more responsive.

This idea submitted by agent Susan Miller reminded me of this strategy, and given today's tough times and tight budget it might just be the ticket that takes your production to a whole new level. Here's what she does…

"I know that many REALTORS put flags out on front lawns for special patriotic occasions like 4th of July or Memorial Day, etc. and I too have done the same. However, sometimes we don't get the opportunity or the weather isn't favorable to do so and it is pricey to pass them out.

We found that passing flag pins are easy to pass out and very reasonable in price. Also, everyone wears them…and loves them. We keep them in our purse or briefcase so they are handy to pass out at anytime and anywhere…when you are in line at the store and meet someone…we just offer them a flag pin as we part and go our own direction.

We use them at open houses, on our appointments and when just farming our neighborhoods. Great ice breaker for conversation."

Horror Story: “I Think We'll PASS on This One!”

“I was showing houses to a buyer client that I had recently just met and qualified. His price range allowed for us to see homes that were fitting for his income level, etc.

I was showing him the best possible homes that money could buy, but unfortunately, I live in Long Island, so the cost of living is high. He is following me in his car and as we approach the house, so far so good. The exterior of the home is newer, the yard is well kept, I'm thinking, so far so good.

We get out of our cars about to walk in and the neighbor across the street yells out" Hey! Are you guys the cops?" I respond " No", reluctantly saying, "were you expecting the cops?"

He replies, "Well, last week, these damn neighborhood kids shot at the front door." Needless to say, my client decided to pass on the house.”

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