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My $100 Million-Dollar Success Secret

I feel like the luckiest guy on earth. Why do I feel so fortunate?

Because I am one out of a million people who had an opportunity to work and learn directly from 2 of the smartest, most successful businessmen on the planet.

Like the TV show "The Apprentice," at the tender age of 27, I was selected to work with "Donald Trump-quality" businesspeople as my mentors.

But instead of being just an "apprentice" for 6 months or a year…I spent 5 years learning and growing with them while I built one of their companies.

The 'secrets' these folks taught me have been largely responsible for the success I've been able to achieve in my life and career – not just material success, but emotional as well. And I am eternally grateful to them for the experience.

That's good news for you. Because today I want to share with you one of the most important lessons I ever learned about 'success' from my mentors, and that is…

Secret to Your Success!

No…I'm not talking about age or racial or sexual discrimination. I'm talking about something completely different. Let me explain…

If ever a kid could have a dream job, I had it.

At the tender age of 27…barely out of graduate business school…I got to work directly with 2 of the most interesting and successful people in the world.

I won't mention names…but we owned a major NBA sports team, theme parks, huge residential developments, high-rise buildings, TV stations, custom subdivisions...just to name a few.

My initial project was to run one of their companies…a high-profile community icon with 235 employees, 8 departments, millions in revenue and…

Losing Money Hand Over Fist!

I'm proud to say we quickly got things turned-around and created the greatest revenue and profit growth in the history of the company (a story for another time).

But the process was tough…and enlightening.

I remember one day driving in a car with one of our principals (my boss). I don't know if he realized the importance of what he said…or whether he knew it would become a mantra for my success…but it was life-changing to me – and still is. He said…

"The Difference Between People Who Succeed and People
Who Fail is that People Who Succeed Learn How to
DISCRIMINATE Between the Important and the
UN-Important as it Relates to Their Goals"

When you're trying to get everything you can out of all you've got, you can't afford the luxury of ineffectiveness.

So you need to DISCRIMINATE: Identify and prioritize the most effective ways…and only the most effective ways…to accomplish your goals. This is the only way to maximize your earnings for every hour you work.

Think about the shortest, most direct way you can succeed in real estate. You can advertise. You can network. You can farm. You can cold prospect. But the question you need to constantly ask yourself every minute of every day is…

What Are the FEW Activities I Do In my Business
That Produce The Greatest RESULTS For Me?

Discriminate and handle what you do best and what brings the most value to your business. Then find either SYSTEMS or PEOPLE to handle the other things in your business…things they do best.

In economics it's called "The Law of Comparative Advantage."

What's your highest Comparative Advantage in your business? What are the one or two things that you do so well, it brings the most value to your business?

What is your job?

If you're like most agents, your focus should be on working with clients and closing deals – creating throughput in your business.

If you want to work your highest Comparative Advantage, then you need to find SYSTEMS or PEOPLE to handle the other things: prospecting, lead qualifying, listing management, escrow coordinating, busy-work, etc.

And the ONE system you must have nailed-down up front is prospecting.

Because if you don't have a system – you ARE the system. And that's not working your highest Comparative Advantage.

Does this make sense?

You can be busy as a one-armed wallpaper hanger, but not make any money. That's because you're busy…

Doing All The Wrong Things!

It's the difference between being efficient…and being effective: Efficiency is doing things right. Effectiveness is doing the right things.

So how do you start becoming more effective in your business?

By creating a HABIT of recognizing and understanding the most effective activities in your business – then putting everything of a lower priority aside for either systems or other people to handle.

I once read that creating a good habit takes regular reinforcement for 60 days. Today I want you to start cultivating a new habit. At least 6 times a day (starting when you wake in the morning), I want you to ask yourself…

"What are the FEW activities I do that produce the
GREATEST RESULT for every hour and
dollar invested into my business?"

Then focus your time and energy only on those items (and start looking for systems and people to handle the other less valuable tasks).

Do this for the next 60 days, and the "habit" of working effectively will be ingrained into your mind and psyche. It's not going to be easy to break your old habit patterns at first. You'll regularly find yourself regressing back into old habits. But don't quit…

I'm certain…master this habit and you'll quickly increase your profits in real estate…and slash your stress and work effort by multiples!

Just try it and see.

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Add 1-5 Sales per Month by Offering Lease Buyouts

If you find a way to help people solve a pressing problem, or offer an appealing alternative to improve their lifestyle, you open yourself up to being their exclusive solution. Here's how agent Thomas Danna sells 1 to 5 homes a month by, 1) helping builders sell more homes, and 2) helping potential new home buyers get out of existing rental leases and into a home of their dreams…

"Having specialized exclusively in new construction my first 2 years in real estate, I developed very strong relationships with virtually every builder's representative in my area as well as their management.

Much of my business came from the sales counselors putting me in contact with clients who were ready to buy, but were still obligated to a remaining lease on an apartment or rental home. I would offer to buy their remaining lease out (if reasonable), in order for them to take advantage of the special being offered by the builder.

This is an easy way to get extra sales every month with little effort because the builders rep handles all of the paper work and maintains contact with your client. I rarely meet many of the buyers until closing when I present my card and ask if they know of anyone else needing similar assistance.

The key is to build relationships with well-chosen builders reps, stay in touch and bring clients to their communities. They will be happy to reciprocate by using you for their lease buy-outs. I get at least one extra sale a month with minimal to zero effort using this strategy."

Today's QuickTip…

“New agent with no listings for a website? Check with other agents in you office to see if they'll allow you to advertise their listings. It'll give you some web presence and give their listings more exposure.”

Make Your Website Talk!

"Real estate websites are ever changing and evolving and if you don't stay ahead of the pack, you will get left in the dust and lose potential clients.

I have just recently added Google Talk to my website and in the first two weeks, I have gotten one listing appointment and one buyer, just because I was online when the potential buyer/seller had a question for me.

We all know that visitors to your site want information now, and if you're not there or don't respond to their request, they will simply go down the line until they find someone who responds quickly to their request.

Here is the link: Every Realtor should add this technology gadget to their website's homepage."

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Horror Story: The Value of REALTOR® Representation

"A salesperson for a new home community shared this horror story with me.

This associate told me that a buyer went directly to the builder to negotiate a deal without realtor representation. This buyer negotiated what he assumed was a good deal and was set to close on his inventory property about 45 days from contract signing.

After receiving copies of the contract the buyer signed that day, he patiently waited for his new home to be built. When the time of closing arrives the builders developer mentions that they never signed the selling side of the contracts and thus there is not an executed contract and did not have to honor the terms that were agreed to previously.

Meanwhile this buyer had his moving truck parked outside of the driveway and no home to move into. Eventually the buyer and the developer worked things out and the buyer purchased the home but of course on the seller's terms.

If I didn't hear this story from my friend I would have not believed it happened, but these confirm the reasons why buyers need representation when involving any type of real estate."

Issue #1137