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How to Create a Millionaire Mentality – Free Book

Have you ever wondered why some people achieve stellar success, huge incomes and a life of freedom and control, while others seem to struggle endlessly through life?

I believe that achieving true success involves having specialized and valuable knowledge or skills, a discipline for doing the "right things" for maximum results, and strong work habits. But I also believe it requires more. The unfaltering truth about success is this…

You will never accomplish more or become more than your
deepest mindsets and beliefs about success will allow

That's why, over the course of 33+ years, I made it a point to document the "mindsets and beliefs" that contribute to true success - and they have paid off handsomely for me. Nearly 10 years ago I outlined them in a short book I titled, "12 Mindsets of the Mega Successful".

Over the years I shared this book with only a few close friends and clients, and those who read it said they learned revelations that became the building blocks of their successful lives. Recently I decided that, because you're a valuable member of our agent community, I'd like to share a copy with you too, absolutely FREE.

In just 30 short pages (a quick 20 minutes to read), you'll learn…

  • The One psychological element all successful people have and how to harness it for yourself (page 5)…
  • Three rules for creating the ultimate life and business (revealed by IBM founder, Thomas Watson, Sr.) - (page 22)…
  • How to conquer the 4 negative emotions in life, and create success greater than you ever imagined (page 12)…
  • Thomas Edison's secret to massive breakthroughs in success - and how it can create breakthroughs for you too (page 17)…
  • How to get total control over your life and guide it in the direction you desire (page 10)…
  • 10 principles for creating your perfect life and business - master these for a life of success, happiness, wealth and health (page 27)…
  • The starting place of all achievement (page 20)…
  • How to rid yourself of any emotion or circumstance that plagues you in life with this simple fill-in-the-blank formula (page 10)…
  • Two essential action strategies for success - master these and you accelerate the achievement of any goal you seek (page 19)…
  • 5 fail-proof ways to supercharge your personal growth and development (page 22)…
  • How to use the "Progressive Action Mindset" to go from where you are to where you want to be (page 19)…
  • How to create calm and serenity in your life using the "triad of balance" formula (page 25)…

This little book doesn't look lavish - it has a simple cover and rather plain print with no fancy formatting or photos. But what's inside just might take your life in a new and exciting direction. That's my hope for you. You can download your personal copy absolutely free by clicking here.

Turn Your Listings Into a $6-Figure Prospecting System

I use a simple marketing tool that has not only resulted in sales but in new listings as well.

When I take a listing, I do what all agents do and that is take tons of photos of the property & home. I don't stop there however, I then make professional looking CD's complete with Music, descriptions, and a photo slideshow with movement and unusual transitions from one slide to the next.

A program called Pro-Show Gold is used to create them. This program can be purchased on the internet for around $60.00. It is the best $60.00 I have ever spent. I then burn around 30 copies of the CD and put them in hard cover cases and place as many as I can get in large flyer boxes that I found at Office Depot ($14.95 each).

I place the boxes filled with CDs next to my Real Estate sign. I leave extras with my sellers so that the box never has to remain empty. My clients love it and prospective buyers do too. I have had many calls from people wanting me to list their homes just because they stopped to pick up a CD from one of my listings and loved what they saw.

I have made many sales that were a direct result of buyers picking up my CDs. They tell me that it is refreshing to be able to go home and pop the CD in the computer and view the entire property in the comfort of their own home. Clients have let me know that for those weekend trips riding around looking for property, this was a pretty special find.

What makes this even more unusual is that I live and work in a very rural area in a very small town. I have been in business for two and a half years and I have been a multi million dollar producer since year one. I began using this marketing tool 3 months after I became a Realtor.

There are other reasons that I have been successful so far, however this is one of the things that I am doing, that no one else is. It has significantly set me apart from what other agents do. My listings are rural, spread out and time consuming to get to. I can show my properties without having to be there! (Cuts down on gas consumption too!)

Flip video camera

Could you use this cool Video Camcorder in Your Business?
Share Your Best STUFF!

Real estate can be a tough, lonely business. Even top agents need a continuous flow of guidance, support and new ideas to keep going strong. When you share your best stuff with our community, everyone wins!

AND…remember, each month we hold a drawing to award one amazing FLIP video camcorder to an agent who submits an idea we use. So submit your best prospecting, marketing, horror story, or other real estate idea that makes you more successful, and you'll automatically become eligible to WIN a BRAND NEW FLIP video camcorder. Be sure to include an example if you have one! Click Here

Quick Tip…

“If you have a web site, make sure you advertise it everywhere. Besides my business card, I have it on bumper stickers, it is on the 2nd line of my return address stamp, on my email signature, on sign riders for my listings, printed on outside brochures for my sign post brochure box, and always included in any print or on line ad. I don't show up high on a google search, but my site at does get found and I do get leads from it. Always mention it wherever you can like I did in this tip.”

Look Who's Now the Proud Owner of a
Brand New FLIP Video Camera!!

Flip video camera winners

Why is Becky Boomsma smiling these days? Because she just won a brand new FLIP video camcorder for submitting a great idea to our agent community! Congratulations, Becky, and thanks for being an important part of our network. (By the way, you can see her idea presented in Issue 1133)

Want to get your very own FLIP camera? It's easy. Just submit your very best marketing or success strategy (or Quick-Tip or Horror Story) by Clicking Here. Then, every month we select the ideas we used in the last 2 issues and throw'em into a hat where the winner is selected randomly. The better your idea (examples help!), the more likely we'll use your idea, and the greater your chances of winning…just like Becky here.

Agent Spends $500, Nets 2+ Deals Every Month!

This idea costs about $500 a month BUT I get a minimum of two sales a month. Normally it is at least one sale a week. Notice I said ONE SALE and not one lead or client. This is in today's harsh market.

I advertise in which is about half of the price of I ran for over a year and spent thousands of dollars on it. I received MANY leads but no sales.

Anyway, one of the KEY elements is to run a number capturing 1-800 information line to your listing. Customers will call for the information and YOU get to call them back. These leads are a hundred times more valuable than ANY lead system I have ever seen.

We get the client "at the moment" they make the decision to purchase a house. It is an AMAZING tool and works every time.

Horror Story: Reckless Neighbor Nearly Creates Fire Sale!

A case of pure frustration happened just last month to a buyer and seller that I was working with. The buyer wanted desperately to get into the home and out of his sold home.

The inspections were performed and everything was going along very well. Then a very old next door neighbor went out to burn papers in her burn barrel and it was very dry, and sparks fell out of the barrel and set the grass on fire. The fire then spread to her pole barn causing a fire, which burned up two motor vehicles inside and a motor home along side the building. It also melted the siding on the home that we had in escrow.

The appraiser came out and said he would not approve of the appraisal until the siding had been repaired. The buyer hired a contractor and when the siding was in place on the damaged side of the home pictures were taken and sent to the appraiser. He advised that because other pieces of siding were now missing at the corners that the entire home would have to done before he would release his appraisal.

During this interim time period of waiting and working to get the property to close the lender went on vacation for a week also. The elderly owner of the home was called after the fire as he lives in another state and he advised that he canceled his home insurance about six months ago.

The buyer was notified and a new price of the home was negotiated and the sale closed about three weeks late or about seven weeks after the contract was originally written. Buyers and sellers working together to get it closed sure helped.

Agent Feedback From Past issues

Many thanks to the agents who responded to some of the stories from Issue 1133 - here are a few of their comments:

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