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How to Tap a Secret Source for Unlimited Clients

Not long ago we received a powerful client-generating and follow-up idea from agent Becky Boomsma. We wanted to get all the details about her idea, which has been bringing her a steady stream of clients since starting it. Here's how she does it in her own language (along with some follow-up questions we asked her in order to get details)…

"I purchased a Home Valuation CMA Report and a pair of zip codes on the Home Page of When a consumer is curious about the value of their home or a home they intend to purchase, an automated report is generated utilizing current MLS information and also sends a notification email to me to follow up with a refined market report and tips of how to make their home worth more.

I am the only agent for my chosen zip codes to receive these exclusive leads and the consumer gets my photo, contact information, and recommendations on each correspondence.

They also receive and automated monthly update on their inquiry. I've received 17 great leads in 4 months - serious leads who are searching for real estate information who are not working with another agent! Three will be ready to list within 30-60 days and I'll be first in line for the opportunity!"

We asked Becky how an agent can get started using her system…

"To get started, call Tyler Carr at, 805-557-7886 and request the Featured CMA Program for your zip code(s) of choice. (You may also call your area sales rep from

If your requested zip code is available, you can purchase this product for a year. The rep will set the program up so that you are up and running within a day or two.

You are then the agent sponsor or Featured Agent for that zip code when a seller wants to know their home's value or a buyer wants to purchase in a particular neighborhood and enters an address within your purchased zip code.

The buyer's will receive a Market Report on the spot and then monthly thereafter, automatically. The seller receives their CMA and subsequent monthly reports, compliments of you, the Featured Agent.

Tyler will also coach you on special widgets and ideas to add on your websites to attract consumers and wow them with your Featured Reports, where all contact information points to you."

A Real Estate Office Sign that Can't Be Missed

"When we bought new office space downtown we wanted to install the best company sign that our community had ever seen. Unfortunately, my home town does not allow the type of sign I had in mind... a large screen display that rotated through our listings, enticing both buyers and sellers to use our services.

So instead, in our main street office window, we installed a 56 inch HDTV that will have the same desired effect. We run it with a simple photo program from an older computer that we were not even using before.

Each of our best listing photos will appear onscreen with captions that could be addresses, prices, or "BUY ME". Between photo displays, we can also intersperse messages such as "Needed: bi-lingual agents" or "We need houses to sell" or "Needed: irrigated farm ground to sell."

We can also feature new agents, top agents, or agents of the month throughout the rotation of photos and messages. We expect our move to a better location to double our volume of both business and agents. We expect the main street HDTV marketing to help!"

Send 9 Letters…Get 2 Listings

"Every time I become aware of a FSBO, I in turn spend about 5 minutes preparing a short letter that is hand-written wishing them the best of luck with the sale of their home and then proceeding to let them know that if they decide a different route, that I am more than happy to help them.

I am up-front, yet subtle in my approach. I offer to come to their home and do a brief evaluation of the property and give them tips "on the spot" of different options they have that may very likely increase the salability of their home. I include real testimonies of past clients that I have helped in this way.

Of the first 9 letters I sent, I received 2 listings. Sellers told me that out of the stack of solicitations they received, mine stood out because it was handwritten and seemed genuine."

Quick Tip…

“Go to and purchase a web address of the home you have listed (example: With the '.info' extension it cost $2.99 for the year. Have a sign rider made for about $8.00, and for a total of $10.99 you have 24 hr. marketing sitting in front of the home all the time.”

Flip video camera

Could you use this cool Video Camcorder in Your Business?
Share Your Best STUFF!

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Horror Story: Bank Addendum Loses Earnest Money

Be careful and don't allow your clients to loose their earnest money! Banks addendums have precedence over the standard contract forms so be sure if your contract allows for a due diligence period before all terms binding that you don't have your clients sign addendums waiving that right.

I am in the process of documenting the series of events with the hope that my clients earnest money is returned. We met all terms of the agreement and conducted the home inspection in a timely manner. Because of the agreed FHA contract, certain repairs were required.

When the client decided to terminate the transaction and request the return of the earnest money, we were informed the bank would not return the money because the due diligence period was waived in their addendums - even though this was not our understanding and was communicated prior to signing the addendums.

The moral of the story is - they got the money, the house and they get to sell it again…and I have an unhappy buyer who feels used and abused!

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