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31 Ways To Build a Profitable Business—Part FIVE

Today you're going to learn a great way to generate quick commissions (and sell your listings faster) with a great buyer marketing strategy, how to create a "house list" that brings you consistent clients year after year, and how to understand your Return on Investment with your marketing.

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Here’s a New, Easy and Innovative Client-Generating System You Can Create in About 10 Minutes Flat…

Like Craig, I believe in using Marketing Systems to grow any business. Why? Because Marketing Systems work to attract new clients without your "manual" effort - hence you're leveraging your ability to make money.

Here's an opportunity to capture business, and it's right under your nose. Get it right, and it can be another spoke in your "prospecting systems" wheel: It's your Auto-Responder Message with your email.

Most agents miss a big opportunity to generate leads, clients and referrals from their Auto-Responder message. So here are some simple "Dos" and "Don'ts," AND a ready-to-use example so you can grab every single lead that hits your email inbox.

DO—Create a "Lead Generation Magnet". Place multiple OFFERS for information your recipient will find valuable. Give them access to your special reports and other helpful consumer information by providing links to your online report. And don't forget to leave your cell phone number or pager, or your assistant's contact info.

DO—Drive them to your site. Always include your web site in your email.

DO—Be conversational and approachable. Make them feel comfortable by using familiar, every day language.

DO—Thank them for contacting you.

DO—Go easy on their eyes. Use a sans serif font. Studies show that fonts like Arial are easier to read on a computer screen.

DON'T—Clutter up your email with your life story. They want you to help solve their problem. "Hello, sorry I can't respond personally, but my dog is a finalist in the state poodle championships and I will be out of town." They don't care!

DON'T—Choose an email address that looks like spam. They will get trapped in your client's spam or "bulk mail" filters and the client will never see them. "Spammy" addresses are those with unusual punctuation, lots of colors and words like "investment" and "sale" in them. Take a look at the emails trapped in your own spam filter for more examples.

DON'T—Load a huge .jpg file on your email reply. Some computers/servers can't handle them, or the message will load too slowly for an impatient client. A small (in megabytes) picture of you or your logo is okay.

DON'T—Make them guess whether they got the right agent. Identify yourself! One auto responder I saw had absolutely no copy in the body of the email. No name, no address, no nothing. Just the agent's name in the "from" field.

DON'T—Make them open an attachment to read your message. One auto-responder I got recently had a Word attachment called "message.doc." When I opened it, it simply said, "I'm out of the office." Sheesh!


Want to see if anyone can find your name on a search engine? Go to a major engine, such as Yahoo or Google and type in your name. Does your site come up on page one? Then, go back and type in your city. Again, did your site make page one? If not, get out and start buying your name, city, neighborhood, etc., on the search engines. Start by going to and (formerly “”). It’ll pay dividends.”

--By Michael Wright, Executive Editor

A Brilliant Strategy: Combine Direct Mail And An 800 Number To Triple Your Sales

"I'm marketing a listing in a very desirable subdivision in a town which Family Circle Magazine just named one of the 'Top 10 Places To Raise a Family' in the entire country. How? I'm using my 800 line to let the neighbors tell potential buyers how great the neighborhood is!

"I sent direct mail pieces to all 200 homes in the subdivision asking them to call into my 800 line and leave a message about why they LOVE living in the neighborhood. I took the voice mail messages the neighbors left (which I receive digitally via e-mail), picked the best ones and edited them down into my own outgoing message.

"Now in my marketing for my listing, I direct potential buyers to call my 800 line with a dedicated extension which features actual neighbor testimonials about what makes the subdivision so special. 'Don't take my word for it, I'm just the Realtor whose job it is to sell this home, but listen to what actual residents had to say about life in Dianna Estates....'

"My sellers absolutely love it, and I've got a few prospects for more listings within the subdivision from the direct mail request piece!"

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Horror Story: Agent “Cops” A Closing

"Recently, while participating in a difficult set of transactions that I thought were almost complete, I was called by the title company to advise me that the buyer had not shown up for closing. It was late in the day and I was pretty reticent about calling the sellers and letting them know that one more thing had gone wrong and that they would not be moving over the weekend after all.

"While speaking with the buyer's agent, I learned that the buyer had gotten lost on the way to closing and was nowhere near the title company. When he realized where he was, he began speeding and was stopped by the local Police Department.

"Although an upstanding young man, he had a delinquent traffic ticket on his record, and the police officer gave him a ride to the police station instead of the title company.

"I called the police sergeant and asked if we could close him at their location, since he was just sitting in an interview room, waiting to pay his tickets and be released. At first they hesitated, but then agreed to let us come and have him sign his closing papers.

"The title company escrow officer met me at the police department, had him sign the documents and we left a new buyer who was just a little red-faced over his situation. He was grateful, however, that he and his family would be moving after all and was quite surprised that we could accomplish this closing in such a non-traditional setting.

"With just minutes to spare, the documents were faxed in and the transaction was complete, including funding of several loans that were dependent on this particular closing.

"What this tells you is that Texas Best Properties will do whatever it takes to complete your transactions…we will truly 'Close you wherever you are and will do whatever it takes…'"

Issue #1121