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31 Ways To Build a Profitable Business—Part FOUR

In our last issue of Agent Inner Circle™ I described some of the techniques to building a successful business.

Here are 5 more powerful marketing strategies to help you generate more clients and build a long-term viable business.

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Triple Your Sphere of Influence In 5 Months Using Automatic Updates

I sign up each and every one in my SOI (sphere of influence) for automatic updates for properties in their neighborhood. I taught this trick to a new agent in my company. She went from an SOI of 38 people to over 100 in just 5 months just from sending updates. She is still working that list and things are growing like crazy for her.

Here's how I do it.

My MLS allows me to hot sheet each person and will automatically email whenever a property matching the criteria I enter pops up in their area.

For example Jane lives on Center street and Main. I set the computer to search from 800 W to 800 E and 800 N to 800 S (approx 1 mile in any direction) I (the computer) look for new listings, new under contract, and new sold properties each day and emails Jane every day at 10 am.

Jane thinks I search every day and keep her posted. She knows everything in her neighborhood before everybody else, and knows I am on top of the market every day. I come across as the expert and I seem super busy (and able to handle it) all the time.

In my 14 yrs experience, I have found that people like to deal with people who appear successful and stay approachable. Set it and forget it! Why would she buy or sell with anyone else?

By the way, I only spend about 3 minutes per client entering the data into the computer and it works forever. I suggest entering 10 per day until you have everybody entered. Then add new people as you meet them.

The best part of my system?

When Jane gets my email, the message tells her that if she has friends, family, neighbors, or co workers who might be interested in getting emails for their neighborhood, I can add them- no problem. It's a built-in way to build my client base.

The people who don't have email get a postcard. It takes less than 10 min a day to send all the postcards. I simply write the information on a preformatted postcard -Address, price, activity (new listing, under contract, sold) and some basic info (bed, baths, garage, remodeled, 100% finished, hot tub, etc.).

I'm not violating any rules about advertising other agent's listings because I send a client report that lets them know I am providing the data at their request with verbiage from my MLS, similar to when you provide a list of homes or CMA.


An 800-Number Success Story
“I was reading the most recent issue of Agent Inner Circle while my phone kept receiving pages from prospective buyers and sellers responding to my advertisements. How did I achieve this 'reverse prospecting' phenomenon? By using a Toll Free number in all my advertising. Whether in a Homes Magazine, Yard Signs, Community Flyers or Community newspaper advertorials, Toll Free (1-800) numbers are the best way to get prospects to call you. You must remember to offer something of value or just a teaser if advertising properties and only use a service that will page you with the callers phone number (reverse lookup).”

Submitted by Uzi Grunvald, REALTOR®

Note: Agent Inner Circle™ recommends

Build Referrals By Being A “Memorable” Agent

"Doing things that are memorable for the client is critical. One seller of mine wanted to make an event out of listing her home. She had lived there 25 years and was moving to a new state. She invited all of her family and friends to come and watch her put the listing sign in the yard.

"Her new husband laughed and said to me (the listing agent) 'Yeah, and bring the marching band'.

"So when I arrived at her house in the midst of the party, I had balloons tied to the yard sign, which was ready to put into the ground. My husband had his marching drum and a cymbal at the ready.

When she came to the front yard with her friends to put the sign in the ground, my husband started his drum roll, and crashed his cymbal, as I handed her the sign. Everyone got a big kick out of it, and I became the REALTOR® that goes the extra mile.

"So the conclusion is, if you can think of little ways to show appreciation to your client for giving you the business, you will get referrals for a long time."

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Horror Story: “Seller Exposed”

"I was searching to find a gentleman the perfect home. He loved the desolate, country scene on the side of a mountain with no neighbors. We were traveling to look at the cabin about 30 minutes away. I was told that the cabin would be left opened for us to walk in, take a look, and then leave it locked. No problem.

"We got there, walked in and started looking around. The TV was on but no one was around. I was opening doors, closets, etc. so the client could get a good look at the property. I opened a door that led to a master bedroom that was tidy as could be. Walking through with my client I opened another door (which I thought was a walk-in closet). In fact, it was a bathroom, and there was a lady wrapped in a towel brushing her teeth!

"I panicked, closed the door and told her who I was and why I was there. My client was more embarrassed than she was, and he headed straight for the basement!

"The lady came out later, fully dressed, and said her husband had given us the go-ahead to come in and she thought she had time to take a shower before leaving. What a moment!"

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