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31 Ways To Build a Profitable Business - Part THREE

In Issue 1118 of Agent Inner Circle™ I described some of the techniques to building a successful business.

Here are five more million dollar-marketing strategies that will help you generate more clients and build a long-term viable business.

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Real estate can be a tough business. Even top agents need a continuous flow of guidance, support and new ideas to keep going strong. When you share your tips, strategies and ideas for growing a more successful business, everyone wins! And if you submit an idea, you automatically become eligible to WIN a BRAND NEW iPod Nano. So don’t be shy: Tell us what you do to build and run your business successfully.

Use Free Advertising To Triple Your Client List

“In my monthly newsletters, I offer free advertising for my client’s businesses. The only thing I ask is that they provide me with a short (or long) list of their clients or family/friends that I can also send my newsletter to.

“I remind them that this will be of great benefit to them, because their clients will now be seeing their advertisement monthly, and won’t forget what they do. At the same time, these new prospects are seeing my name and already know that someone they use also knows me. I also make sure to let my clients know that there is no obligation for their clients to continue with my newsletter... they can cancel at any time.

“If you use an email version of a newsletter, you can also get their email addresses instead, but the hard copy still seems to work best.”


Prospecting “With” Water!
“I work in Tucson, AZ so the summers are hot, hot, hot! My preferred lender gives me custom labeled water bottles to give my clients or to have on hand at open houses. Can't afford to buy custom bottles in bulk? You can create your own adhesive labels and paste them on. The bottles always generate comments and it is a refreshing way to keep your name in front of prospects!”

Submitted by Nancy Biel Stewart, REALTOR®

Horror Story: Legal Snag Gets Buyer "30 Days"

“I was the buyer’s agent, and the buyer had loaded up their household into a moving van and were 200 miles from their new home.

“Just then I was told that there was a problem! This was an estate sale and the lawyer who handled the case had not advertised the property for the required 30 days. The presiding judge would not grant an exemption, so the buyer couldn’t move in for 30 days. They had to rent a house, and since the rented house was small, they also had to rent storage (which meant two moves).

“The listing agent hadn’t disclosed the requirement to anyone, nor would they allow early move in. Lesson learned!”

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Issue #1119