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31 Ways To Build a Profitable Business—Part TWO

In Issue 1117 of Agent Inner Circle™ I described some of the techniques for building a successful business. To review, you must create:

  1. A unique and beneficial product,
  2. A sales generation system(s) to market and sell that product and retain your clients for as long as humanly possible to generate a) more sales and b) referrals, word of mouth and repeat business,
  3. A unique product/service delivery system, and...
  4. Measurement systems (to know if what you're doing is working!).

Here are five more million dollar marketing strategies that will help you generate more clients and build a long-term viable business.

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A New Prospecting Strategy For Supercharging Your Sales

“I walk one of the highest turnover areas 1 hr. a day, 2 days per week. I leave 8.5 x 5.5 cards (see below) with information from Service For Life!® ( on one side. The other side has an offer with name recognition and 800-number voice mail tracking. I keep the style of the card the same for consistency.

“There are 840 households that get the card each month. The people who raise their hand with interest get Service for Life or I get the listing, provided they want to sell now. If not, I may get them later. This is very inexpensive and takes only 8-hrs. per month and is something for the long haul. However once it starts to roll, it will be consistent.”


“I do business with one particular lender who asks past clients if they would like to know what their property is worth. When the client responds, the lender gives me the lead to do a CMA. This technique helps me get listings.”

Submitted by Rosalie Walton, REALTOR®

An Ingenious Way To Close A Listing

Would you like a handy tool to help close your listing presentations? This ingenious listing agreement makes a unique and positive impression on sellers and helps you get more listings. And it gets the whole family involved in selling the property.

Horror Story: Beware of Dog!

“I called the listing agent and the homeowner to arrange a showing.

“As we proceeded into the laundry room I was welcomed by a dog. I extended my hand to the animal to say hello (so he could take a smell), and instead he took a bite! I wrapped my finger and finished the walk through. We went on to 3 more homes.

“After arriving home with a blood soaked napkin my husband took me to the doctor. I called the listing agent and the homeowner to let them know what happened, and both said, ‘Oh really!’ Luckily I didn’t need stitches and the bill was only $20.00, which no one offered to pay.

“Now in the listing brief it says, ‘Beware of dog’.”

Issue #1118