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How To Create a Business Card That Sells Your Listing

“Here’s how to utilize the blank space on the back of your business card. I print out a sheet of labels with a house photo and short blurb for all of my listings. When I offer a prospect my business card, the information on the back is more impressive to them than my picture. It is a great conversation starter, too.

“I also use it to involve my seller in the process. I make up a batch of about ten cards that I give to the Seller when I bring by flyers. They are more inclined to give my card (with their house on the back) to their circle.”

I use Avery 5160 labels, thirty labels per sheet. In Microsoft Office Word, follow these instructions. NOTE: They may vary somewhat depending on your version of Word:

  1. In TOOLS > select LABELS.
  2. Enter the text you want on the label, and click OK. The label sheet will come up with the text on it. You can edit the text however you like.
  3. Select INSERT > PICTURE > FROM FILE. Find the picture you want to use and click INSERT. Then you must format the picture so it fits comfortably on the label with your text. (I made the picture a tad over 1 inch horizontally. The vertical adjusts itself.)
  4. Once the first label is complete it's simple. Double click the first label to highlight and click EDIT > COPY to copy it. Unselect label one and, select the rest of the document and Click EDIT > PASTE CELLS to paste. Your label should then be replicated creating a whole sheet of labels.
  5. Print the sheet of labels and you're on your way.

I save the entire page in that listing's document folder and name it "[property address] label" for future use.

Here's a sample...

Sample label

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