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Three Ways To Multiply Your Value in the Market Place

Why are some agents profiting like never before, while the masses continue to struggle each and every day?

Why do some agents fall victim to abusive commission reductions, while others continually get full price for their services 100% of the time?

The answer is simple: Smart agents know the importance of "Value Marketing".

What's Value Marketing?

It's understanding and using the psychological elements that persuade people to recognize the true value of your products and services.

The problem most agents face is their prospects and clients see them as a "commodity" where one agent is viewed the same as the next. And when alternatives are presented as equal in all other respects, people will naturally negotiate price.

Here's a formula I want you write on a piece of paper and post above your desk…so you'll see it every day…

Motivated Prospect + Unique Product + Limited In Supply = VALUE

Yes, folks, it's a lesson in economics. But it's more. It's also a lesson in psychology and marketing.

DeBeers (the diamond producers) understand this lesson implicitly, and have held the world hostage with their "value" tactics for decades.

Think about it: 1) Diamonds are extremely unique from other stones, 2) Intensive emotional marketing has caused a great demand for diamonds (have you ever seen a pearl engagement ring?), and 3) DeBeers has intentionally manipulated the supply of diamonds in the market place by limiting production and distribution and applying predatory practices against anyone who attempts to compete with them and increase the supply of diamonds in the world.

DeBeers may be an extreme example, but the lesson it provides is no less applicable to YOUR business.

Would you like to quickly multiply your value in the marketplace? Would you like to carve out a nice little niche where you never hear a client demean you by asking for a commission reduction?

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“10-10-20”— Get 2 to 4 Deals from ONE Open House

Sometimes the most powerful marketing ideas are also the simplest. And we all know that, on average, when a home goes up for sale in a particular area, another home will go on the market within 60 days.

Today John Garcia shares a brilliant strategy for "leveraging" off your listings to capture more listings and buyers.

The idea is so simple any agent could do it. And it works like gangbusters because it gives you a "reason why" to be contacting neighbors of your listings ≬ a very disarming approach that gets people listening to you, rather than casting you off as just another nuisance.


“I send out a postcard to my ‘farm’ areas about 4 times a year stating, ‘Your Area Specialist’ with website. The highlight of the message is: ‘Please call me if you have any questions regarding the sale of your home’, and ‘Get a free 30 minute consultation on how to showcase your home for top Dollar‘. I have 3 listing inquiries this month. I listed one home and will probably list the other 2 homes soon.“

Submitted by Rose O’Reilly, REALTOR®

Turn Your Car Into An Internet Marketing Tool

"My daughter came up with this idea and I stole it from her!

"My Website is WWW.BUYNLST.COM. My California license plate is BUYNLST and I have WWW on my bumper to the left, and .COM on the right of it. Anyone sitting behind me at a red light, or driving behind me has access to me.

"Since I could only use 7 letters, I left out the I in LIST. Surely, someone would go to the Internet and spell LIST instead of LST, so I also bought the domain name BUYNLIST. That way if anyone should spell it incorrectly, it would still get to me."

Horror Story: Mistaken Identity

"When I was 'new' realtor years ago, I was doing an Open House. An older man with white hair and a young woman with blonde hair stopped by and I went outside to greet them.

"I said, 'Would you and your daughter like to see the home?' He said, 'This is my wife, not my daughter!'

"I turned so beet red, I wanted the earth to open up and swallow me. I couldn't apologize enough. That was the last time I saw them, but I never forgot the way he looked!"

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