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The “Three M’s” of Marketing Success

Have you ever spent hundreds of dollars and countless hours on an ad or mailing program, only to stare at your silent phone or pager?

If so, you're not alone. Most agents spend an enormous amount of time learning about "real estate", but very little learning about the "elements" that turn your advertising (or any marketing or prospecting efforts) from a "sunk cost" to a true "money-maker".

The truth about real estate success is this: Even the most competent and knowledgeable agent will go broke without a steady, consistent stream of qualified, motivated buyers and sellers.

So while knowledge about real estate is essential to being a competent agent, it's not going to write your ticket to success. You also need to develop prospecting and marketing skills designed to create an on-going flow of leads and clients.

Money-making marketing isn't difficult if you know a few basics. In fact, all successful marketing has three essential components. I call them...


“I have started to add some direct response advertising to my newsletter, changing an editorial or side column to offer an industry report for people to request. It has been very effective in getting people to pick up the phone and call for one of the many reports we have available to us.”

Submitted by David Wakeman, REALTOR® (Thanks David!)

Farm Your House List With This Sample Voice Broadcast

Here's yet another inexpensive way to communicate with your house list. This proven, personalized message updates your contacts on market conditions in your area and helps build your client list and ultimately helps you generate new business. This system leaves your message on voice mail, and receives 100% listener ship for those who receive it.

Proquest technologies offers a great voice broadcast system, and you can learn more at

NOTE: Be sure to use this technique ONLY with people you know, or from whom you have obtained permission.

A Courteous Way to Generate Leads

"When holding an open house we always put out open house direction signs, especially at corners. Most agents don't ask permission to place these signs.

"I find that when I ask, many tell me they have lived on this corner for decades and I am the first to ask permission. When I do this, my signs never get removed, and the property owner looks at me as unique and considerate. When it comes time for them to sell, they often remember and call me first.

"When the property owner is not home I leave a special card that tells them how to find me if my sign offends them. I have never received a complaint. Be considerate! You wouldn't want someone putting their advertising in your yard without asking."

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Horror Story: Freaky Friday

"Late one Friday afternoon a couple with a small baby came into our office. I was on 'Floor Duty' and even though it was time to go home, I had to assist these out of town buyers.

"When I walked into the conference room I saw this young thin female with 1 inch long orange hair and skin color of transparent white wash. She was holding a little baby. The man had an almost shaved head and a black tee shirt on with a picture of people reaching up inside a room with fire.

"They told me they were moving here from a larger city about 2 hours away. In the back of my mind I was thinking, 'This is a waste of time. Like these people are really going to buy a house!'

"After a while I asked why they chose our little town to move to. The thin lady spoke up and explained she was the new Fine Arts Center Director which explained her extreme looks. When I asked the man about his shirt, he said it was designed by the teenagers at his Church where he was the Youth Minister. They started attending my church and he became my grandson's 1st grade teacher!

"That was 10 years ago. They have moved on but we still communicate and are still good friends. Now every time they move she lets me know by starting off with 'Where are you when we need you the most!'"

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