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10 Ways to Build a Money-Making Email List

Do you have an email list of clients, friends and acquaintances with whom you make contact on a regular basis?

One of the most effective ways to increase sales is to build an email list and have a regular, value-oriented contact program. How profitable can an email (or even offline database) be for you?

Do the simple math: If you grew a list of 300 homeowners who, on average, own their homes for 6 years each, then 50 transacations will come from that group each and every year - not including referrals they could send you.

Question: Who will get those 50 transactions?

Answer: The agent who's made regular, welcomed contact with informaion they'll value and use… the agent who's demonstrated their professionalism, competence and follow-through… the agent who's built the deepest relationship.

In my Free course, "The Ultimate Real Estate Success Secret™" (enroll for free at I call this your "Personal Market Share™".

So how do you build an email list? Same way you eat an elephant… one bite at a time. Here are 10 easy ways to get you started…

A New Hook on Successful Prospecting

Newsletters (like Service For Life!®) are important tools to help you get and keep great clients. Tricia tells us about her strategy to help improve readership...while getting a nice workout!

"If you're like me, and you have chosen to farm your neighborhood with a newsletter, then this may be of some help. I decided to hand deliver my newsletter to the people I don't know personally, thinking that the exercise would be a good thing and I would get a bit more familiar with my area.

"The first time I went out was around 9:00 in the morning and I dropped the newsletter off on the front step of everyone's home. By the end of delivering 300 newsletters I was beat! The second month I felt some reluctance to get out there to distribute the newsletter because it took so much out of me (many of the homes have steps to the door).

"This day I got up super early and noticed that many people had not picked up their newspapers yet. So I laid my newsletter right on top of the paper! As a result I got twice as many passed out, got a good steady aerobic workout without over doing, it and I'm ready to go out and do it again!"

Attract First Time Buyers With This Strategy

"Each year, there are a couple of bridal shows in our area. Another agent and myself rent a space at the show to offer free CMAs and to register potential buyers on our automated 'Dream Home Finder' system. The cost is $600 and we're exposed to literally thousands of newlyweds.

"Funny thing…we are also offering a free iPod Nano (Like Agent Inner Circle™) in a drawing for those who sign up for either of our offerings. This bridal show is guaranteed to generate at least one closed sale which will generate at least 5 times our return on investment, and that's being very conservative."


“I’ve learned this over and over, but it does bear repeating. The more willing we are to focus on what other people want, the more profitable our own real estate business becomes. It’s NOT about where my next commission is coming from, it’s ALL about what someone else wants and how I can fill their needs. People do not care how much you know until they know that you care… I care. I love this business, it is not easy, but it can be fun and profitable!”

Submitted by Lamar Jarvis, REALTOR® (Thanks Lamar!)

Horror Story: “Klepto Client”

"I was doing an open house one Saturday, and within five minutes I had about 10 people through. I position myself in the kitchen area so that I could overview the whole house.

"While talking to the prospects and looking around I saw this woman in her thirties walking around with a big cloth bag, much bigger than a hand bag, and helping herself to wooden carvings from my vendor's prized collection.

"Because of my alertness (and my previous experience as a Narcotics Agent) I sense the body language and caught her. I emptied the bag which contained four wooden carvings. Then I took her details and used my mobile phone/camera to take her picture and asked her to leave the premises immediately. She was very apologetic and kept saying 'Sorry'. Since I recovered the items I did not call the police. We have to be alert at all times."

iPod Giveaway!

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