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The Most Valuable Sales Secret You’ll Ever Learn

Here's a piece of valuable business wisdom: Regardless of what they say or what you think, people act primarily for their own self-serving reasons.

That sounds like a shocking admission of a self-absorbent society, doesn't it? Many who hear it snap back in disagreement, citing many examples of altruistic deeds.

But for 99.9% of all humans walking the earth - it's true.

It doesn't matter whether you're an ambitious real estate agent or a charitable volunteer; you are motivated to do things based on your desire for personal benefit. Even people who make charitable contributions do so because it makes them feel better. Makes them feel they are making a difference. Or perhaps they get their name on a plaque for everyone to see.

This is actually good news for you, because knowing this little "fact of life" can change your level of success almost on the spot.

Here's how...

Get Noticed When You Change Companies

"Whenever you change companies, send out an announcement to everyone you know. Enclose several of your new business cards. Let your local newspaper(s) know, too, by submitting your own press release.

"Follow up with a call, or with a second mailer that includes something you 'forgot' to let them know in the previous mailer. (For example, your new website address.) Most months have a holiday, or it's the start of school, football season, baseball season, tax season. Use these as 'excuses' to keep in touch with your contacts.

"By keeping in touch, you are really sending the message that you are organized, good at communicating, good at customer service, and that you were thinking of them."

Use Emotion to Close the Deal

"Recently I had dream clients wanting to buy their first house, a young couple about to get married. They were on a budget but we found a house that worked for them. Houses in that price range were up for grabs by investors, so I needed to act fast.

"Once we wrote up the 'Offer to Purchase' contract I submitted it to the listing agent with a cover letter. I took a photo of the young couple and imported it to MS Word and pasted it on the cover letter with their names under the photo. My cover letter described the couple and why they wanted the seller's home to be their home. I brought the logical transaction to an emotional point of view.

"Everyone wants to sell to a person who will take care of their biggest possession. It was a great buying strategy. The first thing the listing agent said to me when she told me she contacted the owner was "I described to the owner the description of the buyers and what their picture looked like. The sellers response was, 'That is who I want to sell to.'"

Horror Story: The Boss “Comes Out of the Closet”

"On one of my showing appointments, the female seller was the boss to the prospective female buyer. The boss had a reputation for pretending to be a snob and living in an upscale community. It turns out her home was on the very low end side and in a 'not so nice' community.

"The buyer saw the house as a good fixer upper and so was diligent about paying attention to any needed repairs. While inspecting the property, she opened the master bedroom closet door, and her boss (who was hiding in the closet) screamed with fright…and so did the prospective buyer! Can't tell who screamed the loudest."


“When I go to pre-view homes in my market I write on the back of my business card ‘Thank-you for the opportunity to pre-view your home. Have a great day!’ and I sign my name & leave it with the writing up. This way when the owner returns they see something has been written and my card just doesn’t get ‘filed’ somewhere right away. It gets noticed and maybe remembered for my kindness when they need to re-list.”

Submitted by Jean Sticha, REALTOR®

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