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How To Create Seven-Figure Systems™ In Your Practice

Important Note…
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Then drop whatever you're doing and read every word of this article.

The skill you're about to learn is so important, it can change the level of success of your real estate practice almost overnight. Today we're going to talk about…

Creating $7-Figure "SYSTEMS" In Your Practice

That sounds like an MBA mouthful…but it's essential for you to understand "Systems" fully if you're going to truly succeed in real estate. That's because…if you don't have systems running in your practice, you ARE the systems…

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The Success Secret Your Competitors Hope You Never Learn

Did you know that 75% of all real estate clients learn about their agent because they either 1) already knew the agent, OR 2) were referred to the agent from a trusted source?

If you knew that 3/4 of your clients came from this once source, don't you think it would be smart to target these folks with your regular contact marketing? Of course it would.

But only 4% of agents do. So it's no wonder why 4% capture the lion's share of the business, while the remaining 96% of agents wrestle each other for their leftovers.

Chris Huskey "gets it", and in today's submission he shares with you how he builds his "house list" to generate on-going new business, referrals and repeat business.

Couldn't you do the very same thing, and join the ranks of the elite agents who generate true "market share" and capture clients before other agents know they exist?

Here's what Chris said...

"Double your house list overnight. We are members of BNI (Business Network International) I started a local group approx. 2 yrs. ago, and it has grown to 18 members. We meet every Thursday at lunch.

I was speaking to the group and sharing ideas on staying in touch with their past clients, and how we send out a Service for Life!® ( newsletter every month (which all of them get).

I then asked them if they were to have a party at their house and invite their closest family, friends and neighbors, would they introduce them to me? They all said yes. I said, 'well I'm having a raffle to give away this free database software or the cash equivalency. The catch is you have to bring me a list of at least 20 names for your name to be put in the drawing for the prize.'

I received 165 names, and all it cost me was $200."

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A Post Card Prospecting Strategy That Gets Results

"After being in the business since 1974, the most essential advertising to help people recognize me, when ready to buy or sell, is to continually send simple small post cards about listings (and not about me)."

"I print them with my own computer, 4 on a page, and send out weekly to a small number (200) every Monday. I keep it simple so that I consistently do it. That is only 50 pages printed on card stock and cut into 4. Put a post card stamp on it and it goes first class. That way it'll be returned if they have moved, and I also get my mailing list corrected. I find agents try to send out too many at one time and never repeat sending because it cost too much or is overwhelming to them. Always take baby steps, send to a different neighborhood, or group of people each Monday. When done, start over with the same people. I usually try to repeat every 30 days."

"I also send out a newsletter every 45 days to the whole group--3 fold, bulk mail, yellow paper with black print. They read this newsletter and compliment me all the time because they know me through the post cards. I have done this since 1989 and I work from referrals most of the time now, but I have system and keep with it. My past customers, and present customers are added immediately to my list."

"Many move out of the area and I take them off, keeping my list updated by that 1st class mail post card. Just think baby steps and you will do it! I use a cartoon caricature of me to stand out from other agents."

* Interesting Stat of the Day *

Interest rates have fallen seven months in a row and are near 40-year lows.

--National Association of Realtors®

Stay Out of the Basement!

"I was showing homes to a couple, previous clients that I was proud to call my friends. The owner was at home in this particular house we entered, and she announced that she almost never enters the basement. She further added that her son lived downstairs and that she apologized in advance for his messy living conditions."

"So, the three of us went downstairs. Mr. Client went in one direction and Mrs. Client and I went into a large area of the basement that was filled with beautiful and colorful large birds in cages, probably around 40 specimens. Some were talking to us, and we were enjoying the visit. We had also noticed a strange odor when we hit the basement level, but thought it must be from the birds."

"Mr. Client announced that we should come see what he found as he laughed out loud at the discovery. We went into a bedroom where there were mounds of what was believed to be marijuana on paper plates all over his bed, and a few objects for smoking same. We understood the source of the peculiar odor. Also, the room was piled high wall to wall with pornographic DVDs and VCR tapes--literally thousands were there. I couldn't get them out of that house fast enough."

"We laughed about it. But, at the same time, we thought the listing agent should be made aware of the situation so that she could inform her owners. It was an awkward situation. I was certainly glad that I was with adults with a good sense of humor, and that no children had been with us!!!!"


Q: Should an agent cancel an open house during bad weather?

A: No! Only serious buyers will come out in bad weather.

By Michael Wright

Issue #1108