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How to Compel People to do Business with YOU and ONLY YOU!

I think I'm getting a nervous twitch. It's been building for years now, and I think I just discovered the cause…

Almost daily I receive a fax, letter or email from one of our member agents wanting me to evaluate their "marketing". And in the process of looking at their "stuff," I find that the most important "element" necessary to capture a client is COMPLETELY MISSING.

Here's the problem: Think about the last BIG purchase you made in your life. It could have been a car, a big screen TV…or even a boat or airplane. Now…before you made that purchase, didn't you do a little homework to make sure you were buying the RIGHT "THING"?

Didn't you at least want to "feel" that you were making a smart purchase decision?

Of course you did. No one wants to buy a lemon. No one wants to get ripped off. We all search for PROOF and EVIDENCE beforehand that our purchase will be the best possible choice.

So what makes you think your prospects and clients look at YOU any differently?

Here's an important revelation: People want to know they're working with the very best, most competent and professional agent around. But they DON'T want to hear it from you. Your own claims about yourself hold no credibility - anyone can toot their own horn.

That's why you need to provide them the proof and evidence they need to make you the overwhelming choice. That's why you need to be harvesting and using TESTIMONIALS and social proof of your service quality.

Think about the effort and money you expend to generate a client. Most agents are huffing, puffing, straining and spending to convey their unique marketing message to prospects and clients - while keeping your very best "salespersons" (i.e. testimonials) locked in the darkness…out of sight.

Having good testimonials and not using them is like having a 100-person sales force motivated and willing to go to work for you - but you've got them on permanent vacation.

So let me show you how to get and use testimonials, and start reaping big profits in your business…

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Wayne's training includes special Real Estate courses such as Real Estate Practice, Economics, Financing, Property Management, Legal Aspects, Real Estate Investments, Exchanges, and Creative Financing.

Wayne's customers and clients continually comment on his warm personality and personal commitment in making their real estate transactions a pleasurable experience.

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Beat Commission-Cutters with the “O.J. Simpson” Close

Have you ever found yourself baffled by clients who ask you to reduce your commission at a listing presentation? Then baffle no more! Here's a step-by-step script to help you negotiate the best commission rate. Larry Hoffman gets a little bit "in your face" with his client - but it works! Read on…

"The dialogue goes like this.

Seller: What is your commission rate?

Agent: Other than the commission rate is there anything else that will prevent you and I from working together?


Agent: So let me understand what you are saying, If we can agree on the commission rate you are prepared to sign the listing TODAY?

Seller: Yes

Agent: Tell me, what is your concern about the commission rate?

Seller: I have been quoted by "ABC Realty" that they will charge me a total of 3.5% to sell this home.

Agent: (My answer is said in a firm, mildly combative tone of voice.) Why would you pay 3.5% for selling your home when I can send you to a company that will list your home for $1,000.00? You have to do all the work, book the appointments, pay for ads and promotion, prepare and negotiate your own contract, deal with unsavory people walking through your home, etc. Is that what you want? (NOTE: No matter what the answer, except "I'll pay you what you want", continue…)

Tell me, is selling this home at the highest possible price important you?

Seller: Yes, but we don't want to pay too much or get ripped off.

Agent: NO ONE DOES! However, when something is very, very important, do you think most people want the solution, not necessarily just the lowest price? Don't you agree?


“Put the top 10 most influential people in your community on your mailing list. People such as the mayor, city manager, city planners, president of the Chamber, etc. Send them everything you mail out… copies of your advertising, just listed cards…etc. Then, whenever your name is mentioned in conversation, you’ll have the mayor saying, ‘Oh yeah, I’ve heard of him’ which lends credibility within their circle of influence.”

Paul Conti, REALTOR® (Thanks Paul!)

Make a Movie, Close a Deal

"With Windows Movie Maker (iMovie on a Mac) you can create a DVD of your city and surrounding area. You can also easily add music to it as well as the average types of homes in the area. At the end of the DVD, you can put your photo and an offer to help the client (usually out of state) find a home. It only costs about a $1 to copy your DVD on to a disc including postage. You might even be able to get your local Chamber of Commerce to include your DVD in the relocation packages they send out. For mass copying, it costs about $1.50 when you buy 500 DVDs which includes the plastic sleeve.

Ends up to be a long lasting marketing tool."

* Interesting Stat of the Day *

According to the NAR, contract signings fell 1.1 percent in September, from August, and 13.6 percent from September 2005.

--National Association of Realtors®

Laughs: This Agent Was No “Chicken”

"This is somewhat of a horror story and a 'lesson learned'. My client 'Nancy', an avid animal rights activist, and I were out till the early evening one Saturday in July. We had seen at least 10 houses and had four more to see. It was still light, but dusk was approaching. We were bound and determined to find her the right house this outing.

As we came upon an old farm house, she said, 'Look it's for sale, and it looks empty. Can we stop?' Of course I said, 'Sure, but let's knock on the door first.' So we did, and it was very empty. The backyard alone had to be well over an acre and at the very back of the lot was a chicken coop.

Nancy began walking towards the 'north 40' and I followed, (in high-heel sling backs, by the way). There were chickens in the coop with no food and a grossly neglected water trough.

Nancy says, 'We need to find them water. Let's go find a hose.' I piped up in my most cheerful voice, 'Nancy, we probably shouldn't poke around here too much, it is still private property. How about I call the listing agent and let him know the chickens need tending to?'

I was borderline pleading because after working with Nancy for 3 months, I knew how she was when she 'got a bee in her bonnet!' Nancy says, 'We are just giving them water, it is no big deal!' So here I go, in my now muddy high heel sling back sandals, hauling water in a 10 gallon bucket loaded in a rickety wheel barrel, while Nancy is desperately looking for chicken feed. I am repeating a calming mantra of, 'I am doing this for the animals...'

Now mind you, I am originally from L.A. and recently moved out west to Utah, so to put this bluntly the closest I have been to chicken is when it is served to me with a wilted arugula salad and rice pilaf, and perhaps a nice white wine. Frankly, these creatures were stinky and looked pretty vicious.

Well, long story short, the sun began to descend and we were cloaked in darkness, feeding chickens we did not even know. My shoes got ruined and this hauling water thing was more of a workout than I had bargained for. Needless to say, Nancy bought the house in the coming weeks and later told me that my chicken 'wrangling' and all I did to 'appease' her made the difference. So I guess the moral of my story is...don't feed chickens in designer sling back sandals. NOOOO, just kidding. The lesson I learned is don't be afraid to do things 'outside of the box', even if they sound a little crazy, your clients will remember you for it!"

Peak Performance: Workout Tips for Busy Agents

Experts say that all exercise should consist of three elements: stretching, cardio vascular training and resistance (or weight) training. And you should keep your heart rate elevated for a minimum of 20 minutes a day. But how do you find time to squeeze in a workout with the pressures of a family and busy real estate career?

If you belong to a gym, and like the structured approach, decide when you like to exercise. Most people need to get up early and "get it over with". If you wait until the end of the day, you will always find a reason not to work out. Most gyms will provide an introductory session with a personal trainer. He can design a customized workout routine to suit your needs.

But if you don't belong to a gym or health club, you can set up a simple home gym by purchasing an inexpensive set of barbells or weights, and an exercise mat. There are also many excellent exercise videos to help motivate you and to structure your workout.

If neither of these ideas work for you, there are ways to help keep you fit through normal daily activities. Exercise does not have to be done all at once. The secret is to make the most of your time. Take advantage of short opportunities for activity throughout the workday. At your desk, stretch and perform isometric exercises between phone calls and computer work. Instead of going out for a big lunch, pack a light salad you can eat quickly and spend the rest of your lunch break by taking a walk. Make the most of your day while running errands. If you are not self-conscious, you can do standing push-ups or leg lifts while waiting at the bank, post office or doctor's office.

At home, choose activities that help you get some exercise. Instead of playing a board game, play catch with your kids, shoot some hoops or put on a snappy tune and do a little dancing. Take the dog for a brisk walk or do some gardening. When you finally settle down to watch some television, grab those barbells and do a few curls while watching your favorite sitcom.

The key is to make use of every minute, stay active and have fun. You will feel better, look better and be more productive.

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