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How to Master the Single Greatest Skill for Real Estate Success

Have you ever heard the saying, "If you aren't outraged, you haven't been paying attention"?

Well, there's an "outrage" being committed by well-intended (but misguided) "experts" in our industry…and it's sending unsuspecting agents down a freeway to frustration and failure.

Not long ago the cover of REALTOR® magazine featured an article about "What Consumers Want". I knew that whoever wrote it didn't know a hoot about marketing or selling…because their advice was 180 degrees WRONG. And in this tough market, you can't afford the luxury of being "wrong" about your prospects, clients or your marketing focus.

Why does our industry talk about the importance of "tuning in" to the desires and needs of clients in one breathe, then turn around and tell unsuspecting agents that unaccountable, "look at me" image marketing is the key to their success?

"Image" and "look at me" marketing is the surest road to the poor house in real estate or any other small business. Why?

How To Be The Smartest Agent In Your Office…

I’ve got an idea to help everyone profit more from our community. I’ve found that the more agent-members we have, the better ideas come flowing through. So let’s build the best, brightest agent community in the world - together. Next time you’re in an office meeting, or just chatting with other agents around your office, mention our Agent Inner Circle™ community - and don’t forget to give them the web site ( You’ll look like the smartest, "in the know" agent in your office - no kidding!

Tell your friends and colleagues about — but don’t tell your competitors!

A Very Successful Real Estate Ad…

Do you think today's real estate market is easy or tough?

Well, for David Borden, the market's a lot easier than for most agents. Why? Because David is a master at positioning himself as a "real estate expert". And he generates a steady flow of business into his practice by conducting simple community seminars.

Not long ago, David submitted an ad he uses that filled his seminar in just over 4 days - not bad in a tough market. But this ad has many more applications than just real estate seminars. Notice how David effectively uses: 1) a "call-out" headline, 2) curiosity-provoking teaser copy - to stimulate interest, 3) credibility by calling himself a nationally-recognized educator, 4) a specific, personalized call to action. Notice also that he removes some skepticism by indicating "no real estate agents."

Now I know why David's ad works so well. See below for his ad…

Help Us Become the Most Valuable Network on Earth For Real Estate Professionals:

Real estate can be a tough business. Even top agents need a continuous flow of guidance, support and new ideas to keep going strong. When you share your tips, strategies and ideas for growing a more successful business, everyone wins! And if you submit an idea, you automatically become eligible to WIN a BRAND NEW iPod Nano. So don’t be shy: Tell us what you do to build and run your business successfully.

A REALTOR® Who Never Sleeps…

With the recent switch to standard time, more evening showings will occur in the dark. Don tells us how to shed some light on your potential buyers.

"I recently have brought night lights to go on the Real Estate signs. In the area that I have some listings it is pitch black at night. With these night lights it makes your property listing stand out among the other homes listed. I am thinking of using the logo of the Realtor and the sign that doesn't sleep!"

Laughs: “Driving Me Crazy!”

"I was working with a Buyer and she was very difficult, to say the least. She would always argue with me and would ask me to buy her food, or drive her to see her friends and then come back and pick her up. I never did it but it was unbelievable that someone would ask such a thing.

Anyhow, for some reason when I picked her up she had a bag with her. A very big bag, as in luggage bag. I never took it into consideration and I now realize how unsafe that was. I'd show her some houses and then I'd drop her off at an intersection some place. It was always a different location, and every time with her stupid bags. I slowly began to realize that she was not a serious buyer considering the fact that she stood me up once.

Then it all dawned on me one evening, and boy did I feel so stupid."

She was a bum. That's right, I was driving around a bum, (a few times) but regardless, I was so commission-driven and having been fresh in the business I didn't qualify her correctly. Anyway, I put it together.

The luggage, picking her up in random street corners, didn't have a home or cell phone number, dropping her off at random corners. And she didn't smell or look too pleasing. I DROVE A BUM AROUND SEVERAL TIMES!! Well, at first I was embarrassed but I laughed about it. BEAT THAT!!

So the moral of the story is to appreciate your commission, yes. However, be customer service driven first. Then you would automatically qualify them to make sure that you can help. That should be your #1 priority and then the rest will flow. Remember, if people don't want to work the way you want, then get rid of them and on to the next."

Lifestyle: Boost Productivity with your Home Office…

We all have a work space at our office, and most of us have that special place at home where we pay bills, surf the Internet and organize our personal business. But when set up properly, that home office can be a workspace that leverages your professional productivity.

First, make sure you select a quiet place, free of distractions. Pick a place that is far away from the general activity in your home. It should be bright, well ventilated and have plenty of electrical outlets for your computer, fax machine and lighting. Install a wireless, high speed internet connection, making sure that you have a strong signal when working in your home office. (A better signal means faster download speeds.)

Next, get a decent sized desk. It doesn't have to be fancy or expensive. Just something big enough to hold your computer, a lamp and any documents you may want to spread out on your desk will do. I have an old, plain laminated desk with a large top. Use a desk lamp with a halogen bulb to go easy on your eyes. Direct the light on your documents and keep the glare off of your computer screen.

Spend some money on a decent chair, and set it up to be ergonomically correct: Back straight, knees bent 90 degrees, feet flat on the floor, arms parallel to the ground at keyboard level, and your eyes roughly level with the top of the screen.

Keep yourself organized with a file cabinet. Invest in one with drawers that will accommodate legal-sized documents, like closing statements. Also invest in a label maker. I use hanging folders vs. tabbed folders. They hold more and are easy to expand.

Lastly, install a hard phone line. You spend enough time dealing with dropped calls, static and that maddening cell phone delay when on the road with clients. Having a "real" phone connection is a welcomed relief!

* Interesting Stat of the Day *

Home sales are expected to hold fairly steady in the months ahead, according to the latest reading on pending home sales published by the National Association of Realtors®.

--National Association of Realtors®

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