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Breakthrough Ideas for Greater Real Estate Success!

Very helpful ideas! Can’t wait to implement some of them, thanks!
--Rhonda Elkins, Realtor

How to Flood Your Web Site with Hungry Buyers and Sellers

Would you like an easy, inexpensive and brilliantly-effective way to drive hoards of hungry buyers and sellers to your web site?

If so, you're going to love this idea. In fact, you should consider using this strategy with every single listing you take - just make it part of your listing checklist.

The feedback I received from agents across the country learning this strategy has been overwhelmingly positive. One agent reported he drove over 12,000 visitors to his site in a single month using it. So I wanted to get it into our Agent Inner Circle™ community for you to use too.

Three Main Ingredients to a Successful Real Estate Career

The very best advice I can give to any agent is that lead generation, listings and leverage are the THREE main ingredients to a very successful real estate career. You must prospect every single day with NO exception. This must be done prior to 11:00 AM with no interruptions. Every listing marketed properly (sign tags, info tube flyers, classifieds) should produce at lease one closed buyer, so concentrate on your listings!

Your leverage (using assistants, buyer agents, etc.) are important and you need a system to make sure you constantly train them so they can be effective at their job. Your systems and procedures should be developed and implemented by your staff, and they should represent how you want to run your business.

Help Us Become the Most Valuable Network on Earth For Real Estate Professionals:

Real estate can be a tough business. Even top agents need a continuous flow of guidance, support and new ideas to keep going strong. When you share your tips, strategies and ideas for growing a more successful business, everyone wins! And if you submit an idea, you automatically become eligible to WIN a BRAND NEW iPod Nano. So don’t be shy: Tell us what you do to build and run your business successfully.

An Amazingly Effective Listing Prospecting System

This idea was submitted by an agent who prospects in high density areas, such as co-ops and condos. But it could work wonders in any area - especially if using direct mail. The idea effectively uses a "grabber" to call attention to it - and notice that the "grabber" ties well with the "hook" of the promotion. Make sure to make your offer very visible in your package - perhaps something with checked lines around it, so it's easily seen by the recipient. Here's his idea…

I'm an agent with Park Terrace Properties in NY. Certain areas of NY are cluttered with Co-ops and Condos. I've have had a lot of luck with getting listings in Co-ops and Condos with my clever and cheap marketing strategy.

In a regular business sizes envelope place a letter stating something about the current sales of Co-ops or Condos in the area and that you are offering a free market analysis. Also place your magnetic business card in the letter. The outside of the letter is simply stamped "Refrigerate After Opening".

Then all you do is slide the envelope under everyone's door. If you find an area that has a cluster of Co-ops or Condo's, you can slide a few hundred every day. You are almost guaranteed a few immediate phone calls…or at the very least a few phone calls in the future because they kept your magnetic card on their fridge.

If you are not comfortable soliciting that way, you can also mail everyone the same envelopes, but you will obviously also incur the cost of postage. Good Luck!

Laughs: “Don’t Let The DEAD CAT Out!”

"I had a great duo of friends who were buying a house together, but needed to keep their new home price tag at the lower end for our high market. Unlike many, they were realistic though and we had a lot of fun together looking, FOR THE NEXT YEAR :), checking out a lot of beaten up homes for sale.

I could have written a book just on the crazy things I saw with these clients, but the story that tops all stories was the time we walked into a townhome one afternoon. We were greeted by a young boy who was home from school, and he politely asked us to make sure not to let the cat out. Well, we started upstairs and then came back down, meanwhile never seeing a cat in view.

The last room we looked at was the kitchen, located in the far back, which had a sliding glass door onto the patio. We stepped back into the kitchen and started chatting a little bit about the pros and cons to the house, meanwhile the boy still hanging out upstairs.

While talking, one of my clients stepped over to the refrigerator to check out what looked like a stuffed animal, something Star Wars themed, and couldn't tell exactly which character it was because it appeared wet. Engrossed now in finding out what it was, she touched the stuffed animal to quickly realize it was cold, stiff and hard…and the cat.

We literally ran out of that place as fast as we could, not stopping to confirm what she had touched."

Lifestyle: A Brilliant Strategy for Eliminating Personal Debt

Are you struggling with mounting debt? If you are, here's a great trick debt counselors use. It's called "the snowball strategy", and it's really quite simple. First, make a list of all your debts beginning with the smallest balance first. Then, continue listing your debts from smallest to largest. Don't fret or concern yourself with your payment amounts or interest rates.

Then, begin by starting to pay off the smallest debt first (of course while continuing to make your minimum monthly payments on the other debts). Once the smallest debt is paid off, then take that payment and combine it with the payment for the next smallest debt. You'll double your payment power and pay off that debt more quickly.

After you pay off the second debt, you'll combine that payment with the payment for the next smallest debt and continue on the process, creating a "snowball effect". You'll pay off your debt faster and easier, and it'll keep you motivated at the same time!

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